Why the Honda CR-V is still Malaysia’s favorite SUV

The Honda CR-V has been Malaysia’s favorite SUV since it was introduced in the 2000s.  Till present time, the latest generation CR-V is still a leading SUV contender by a non-National manufacturer in Malaysia. The reasons behind it is simply the brand, price range (we talking about second-hand value) and the new tech Honda put in the CR-V.


The Honda CR-V model is not only a preferred SUV choice in Malaysia, but in several countries around the globe. Why is it? Well, the catch is in the name, the CR-V (Comfortable Runabout Vehicle) has been well-accepted by buyers since the first CR-V rolled off production in 1995. It quickly became an ideal SUV for families and even people who generally preferred SUVs. Honda has always put its renowned Research & Development into making sure the CR-V is well-received by its targeted audience with a somewhat sleek design and driver-oriented features. It eventually became an all-rounder carrier, not just for soccer moms but executives, as well.  The CR-V has lived up to its hype as workhorse family or daily commute-to-work car, thanks to its overall large cabin with ample head- and leg-room.


In a most recent press statement by Honda Malaysia, the new CR-V nets a 180 percent increase in bookings since it was unveiled in November this year.  The new CR-V has three updated versions: 2.0l 2WD, 1.5l TC-P 2WD and 1.5l TC-P 4WD. The most popular version is the 1.5l TC-P, which captured 46 percent of the total order.  This latest CR-V has generated some 1,300 bookings across the country. The most popular body hue picked by buyers is the Dark Olive Metallic.


With the updated package, the new CR-V gets full Honda Sensing suite. The suite features LaneWatch and its unique 4WD system. Honda Sensing works in tandem with standard safety features to ensure a reputable safety. It comprises;  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Low Speed Follow (LSF), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS) and Auto High Beam (AHB).


In looks, the new CR-V takes up a Black grille with a new bumper to match the Wing-style chrome fascia and signature LED headlights. From the rear, it has Dark chrome with smoke-finish lights, wing-styled bumper and double chrome exhausts, as well as 18-inch duo-tone rims.


More features to convince SUV buyers that the CR-V is worth a second look are Remote Engine Start, Remote Retractable Door Mirrors. 522 liters boot capacity and power tailgate. These are reserved for the top half of the CR-V range,

For time tested SUV with a good resale value, you can’t go wrong with a Honda CR-V. What’s more, the CR-V is now priced from RM139,912.532 with current tax exemption until end of the year. That’s the discounts you are entitled to when you decide to purchase a CR-V.

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