Tips to better resale value

Auto Tips: Get the best resale value for your car with 5 simple steps

The current times are tough as we all know it. People are selling their homes, cars and everything else that’s of value.  We at would like to offer five simple and really easy tips to get the best price for your car.

As owner or seller, you probably have read it somewhere about how to get the most desired resale value for your car. If you’re a responsible owner, the car that you are trying to sell is probably worth the resale value you wanted. If not, it’s really up to you to take care of the car before you put it up for sale.  Either way, here are the five simple steps to follow to ensure the best resale for your car:

• Clean the car thoroughly
• Repair any dents and imperfections, visible or otherwise
• Ensure car runs well, mechanically and electronically
• Paperwork
• Service & Maintenance

Clean thoroughly and properly

A clean car means that you do take care of your car and that’s a good thing when it comes to resale value. A good practice is to get a car wash every other week to clear out dust and dirt from the exterior, and be sure to clean all the nooks and cracks to ensure hidden areas of the car are taken care of.


Like the exterior, the interior needs attention too when you’re about to sell your car. Remember everyone spends most of the time inside the car and therefore it is wise to make sure the cabin is clean and neat. A clean interior is an absolute Must!


First, wash up the mats or replace them if you have to. Vacuum the panels and hidden areas . If your car has fabric seats, it’s advisable to have it deep cleaned to get rid of stains and odors. For leather seats, use proper leather care products and fix up any cracks, if detected.


Fix dents and imperfections

As long as you do drive your car, there’s a tendency your car could get stone chips, minor dents or scratches. If you wish to sell your car at a higher price, it is your responsibility to ensure any visible imperfections are taken care of. It’s highly recommended that you give your car a good detailing prior to selling.


Once a year car detailing does wonders for your car to get rid of imperfections, whether inside or out. Beside making the car shiny or like brand new, it definitely gives a good impression to a potential buyer.


Ensure the car runs well

A major bargaining chip for selling your car successfully at a high resale value  is ensure your car runs well. Making sure your car does not have minor engine issues and definitely, free of major mechanical faults. Be advised, it could be a small mechanical or electrical problem that lower the resale value of your car.


If your car has faults, the next owner would have to spend money to fix or repair it. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the car is in good condition, no overheating and absorbers are still relatively rigid. Don’t ignore the cigarette lighter and pretty much make sure everything’s in good working order.



Documents are very important for a vehicle intended for sale. Your car’s owner manual, service booklet, car registration card and receipts from all types of minor or major services and replacement parts are essential documents you need in a file. This file is a written history about your car and will eventually go to the new owner. Anything missing from the above list could severely reduce the resale value.


Service & Maintenance

There’s much said about regular servicing and maintenance. These days, manufacturers and distributors strive to offer free maintenance and service to sweeten the deal of purchasing a new car. Depending on brand and model, servicing isn’t exactly cheap but free service including labor makes it worthwhile, especially when it comes to dollars and sense.

Lastly, a well-serviced car is what a buyer looks for and assure a good resale value.

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