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New Peugeot distributor embarks on important customer update program

Following the acquisition of the Peugeot brand, new sole distributors Berjaya Auto Alliance is currently embarking on a customer update program to ensure Peugeot customers a better ownership experience. Previously, Peugeot was handled by Nasim, a subsidiary of the Naza Group. Fast forward to 2021, the Lion brand baton is assumed by Berjaya Auto Alliance who intends to improve holistically from the brand management to after-sales.


In the past, Peugeot owners have been rather dissatisfied with the after-sales rendered by the former distributor. It was not just due to high service and maintenance costs but poor response rate and many delayed deliveries. All that is about to change for the better with Berjaya Alliance Auto, thanks to its proven track record. The management at Berjaya All. Auto has long been involved with the Mazda marque (Bermaz Motor) in Malaysia. In recent years, Mazda Malaysia has been recognized for its impeccable customer satisfaction by J.D. Power for several consecutive years. Therefore, the Peugeot brand should be in good hands for existing as well as new owners.


Current Peugeot owners are required to update their details at the official Peugeot webpage, Once entered, tab the click here to update button to submit. Owners are required to provide proof of their vehicle registration card, service and warranty booklets during registration. Rest assured, all information collected are protected by Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) law of Malaysia. Successful owner registrations will receive important service reminders, warranty periods, service campaigns, news and other support details.


For further information, visit the official webpage or email The call center number is 03-7627 8818, reachable Mondays to Fridays, 8.30 am – 6.00 pm.

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