Nissan Futures symposium to address two major concerns in transportation

We are in another Lockdown as the country prepares to flatten the Covid-19 curve once again. Worry not as we’ve have the essential auto news to keep you company through the two weeks. 


First up, top Japanese auto manufacturers Nissan is gearing up for an important symposium with key industry leaders, Governments, the management and media on the Future of Electric Cars, themed Nissan Futures – Electrification and Beyond.  The event is scheduled for 4 February via online interactions.


This symposium is the cornerstone for electrifying 250 million cars from now and into the immediate future. Its purpose is to address the opportunity for carbon-neutral mobility in Asian countries, namely Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia , Hong Kong and Philippines.


Studies have been conducted by Frost & Sullivan that reveal consumer perceptions towards in the above countries. At the same time, the World Health Organization has identified that air pollution and traffic noise are the two top greatest environmental risks to health in these modern cities. On a daily basis, an average of 83dB noise level, well above WHO recommended noise level on the road, is actualized in key capital cities of these countries. According to research data, two Asian cities have average noise level above the recommended WHO standards, for instance: Bangkok (86dB) and Manila (99.3dB). Therefore, the Nissam Symposium will be the right avenue to address the two major concerns in key Asian cities.


Nissan Futures is an event series in which subject experts from around the world discuss the future of mobility. Since 2018, Nissan has organized ASEAN Nissan Futures events in Singapore and Hong Kong.


The 2021 edition will be delivered online, allowing participants to join from anywhere, via zoom presumably.


According to Isao Sekiguchi, Regional Vice President, Nissan ASEAN, “As ASEAN governments and business leaders adjust to the new normal in 2021, electrifying 250 million cars in ASEAN is a key step in creating a more sustainable future in Southeast Asia. Moreover, environmental sustainability has been underlined by economists and consultancies as one of the key engines to accelerate economic growth. We cannot do this alone; Nissan FUTURES is the platform to discuss bold policies and business plans to dare the impossible.”


Nissan’s regional VP will be joined by Edmund Araga, President, Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines; Dusit Anantarak, Senior Expert, Office of Industrial Economics, Ministry of Industry, Thailand; and Vivek Vaidya, Associate Partner, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Mobility, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.


The symposium hopes to change consumer attitudes towards electric vehicles during these unprecedented times and the socially critical subject of changing mobility priorities in the years to come.

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