Volvo Car Malaysia ReCharge 2021

Volvo Car Malaysia charges into 2021 with renewed approaches

Volvo has been a long-recognized brand in the country through the 80s and 90s, Following a downturn in the new millennium both globally and domestically, Volvo Car Malaysia has had its fair share of changes through the years, for example business investments, management and product competitiveness.


Although facing unprecedented times, Volvo Car Malaysia has risen up in the Premium segment in a better part of 2020. Thanks to several key models in its line-up, namely the S60, S90, XC40, XC60 and XC90, Volvo Car Malaysia managed to pull through for another sustainable year. We at have had the privilege to review and try out some new Volvos in 2020. 


Last year was a tough year for everybody, and Volvo Car Malaysia saw a 56.1% decline in sales in the first half of the year. In the second half, sales improved by 3.6 percent as Volvo managed to sell 1,950 units, compared to 1,883 from the previous year. It marked a new highest sales record for Volvo Car Malaysia. Sales improvement was largely thanks to the Malaysian government’s sales tax relief aid. One of the major efforts spearheaded by Volvo to spur sales in 2020 included an Online Ordering system with Digital Silent Salesman (DSS) 2.0. This platform digitally displays all necessary details about the cars, across all Volvo showrooms across the country.


Another key initiative by Volvo in 2020 was the Green Planet program in Q3. The campaign was aimed at driving awareness about the impact of high carbon footprint, via a Greenterest calculator.


Volvo organized “A Million More” campaign in the first quarter of 2020 . This campaign was derived from the 180km/h speed cap announcement in March. Much like the initial reception towards the three-point safety belt, the speed cap was the topic of debate in 2020 in the automotive sector, to which Volvo took a stance in its decision to ensure the safety of the people in cars and on the road, and save a million more lives.


F0r 2021, Volvo Car Malaysia intends to ReCharge ahead with more new Volvo models. They believe that the most important aspect is to bring in more products to suit the different needs of the citizens.


Nalin Jain, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, said during the recent online press conference, “2021 is a big year for Volvo Car Malaysia as we look to switch all aspects of our business to incorporate more sustainable solutions and also bring in more products offerings to suit the different needs of Malaysians while helping them make more sustainable choices.”


Volvo Car Malaysia is expected to continue to embrace the digital transformation amidst the global pandemic by deploying and building the necessary digital system to support their valued customers’ requirements seamlessly, from the beginning of the buying process to after-sales. They will continue to uphold the brand’s promise of professional service and leading safety technology.

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