Renault EZ-1

Renault unveils EZ-1 Prototype as part of its strategic ‘Renaulution’ plan

Renault has charted its course towards the future with the announcement of its ‘Renaulution’ strategic master plan, recently.


The master plan is divided into three parallel phases. The first phases include streamlining business operations and initiate Mobilize and ‘Nouvelle Vague’ campaigns. To kick off the Mobilize campaign,  Renault reveals the EZ-1 Prototype, a purpose-designed EV vehicle for shared urban mobility.


What’s the EZ-1? 

Renault EZ-1Renault EZ-1

Well, it is an Electric vehicle prototype of the brand’s Mobilize line-up. This innovative vehicle is created to be an urban mobility solution that is designed for shared use. Users pay for what they use, in terms of drive-time or mileage. As a connected car, the EZ-1 comes with keyless access and interacts with users via a smartphone.

Renault EZ-1

Designed to be light and portable, the EZ-1 EV fits 2 persons and measures  only 2.3 meters long with a minimal footprint. Top-to-bottom glass doors give EZ-1 Prototype users an unhindered view on the surrounding urban landscape. In other words, it’s meant to be driven in the city only.


The EZ-1 is built from 50 percent of recycled materials and 95 percent of the car is recyclable at the end of its life cycle. Heart of this concept is an innovative battery exchange system, which allows the car to be driven for a while without charging. Stay tuned for further updates on this urban transporter… 

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