Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G Review

Good phone, but not the best

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a good phone, but for RM4,299 it is a bit too much to ask given that you can get other phones with pretty similar specs for less. However, it is the only phone in its price range that comes with a stylus if you are into that.

If you are reading this then you are probably considering getting one. So without further ado let’s dive down into what the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has to offer.


Okay let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes we know the back of the Galaxy Note 20 has a plastic back instead of a glass one and no it doesn’t matter. I had both the Galaxy Note 20 and Ultra with me when I tested it and to be honest I felt more at home holding the regular Note 20. The matte plastic finish that the company dubs “reinforced polycarbonate” doesn’t imply that it’s cheap. The finishing of the phone is great and you can be rest assured that nothing about the material Samsung has chosen for this model looks or feels cheap. If you asked me this makes the Galaxy Note 20 a lot more robust and you still get the chromed metal trim which makes the phone a fantastic thing to look at.

The big 6.4-inch screen that comes with the phone is not underwhelming as I’ve seen people mentioning. The 2400 x 1080 panel is only at 60Hz but it is great to look at especially if you’re planning on Netflix-ing on your own or watching videos on Youtube. We know that the screen may not be the most impressive one out there, given that you can find better screens without the hefty Samsung price tag. But that’s not the focus of this new Note.

However, the Samsung Note 20 will come with a powerful Snapdragon 865 which interestingly is the same core as the even more absurd Note 20 Ultra. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and this phone is able to keep up with all your needs.

Of course talking about the Note series the biggest draw is the versatile S Pen and Samsung’s latest and greatest productivity-minded software, from the new Notes app to wireless DeX Moder Projection (control your phone from your PC!). Thanks to the new One UI 2.5 update you can do with it has changed dramatically. While holding the S Pen out in front of the Note 20, you can press down the button on the stylus while moving in an upside down V-shaped motion to return home. Do this in a left or right motion, and you’ll call up recent apps or move backward. Zig zag downward to capture a screenshot.


The Galaxy Note 20 comes with a triple-lens camera stack which again may not be the best but it still produces good results. Let’s start with the main camera (middle lens). The Galaxy Note 20 comes with a 12MP main lens and is flanked by a 64MP telephoto with 3x lossless zoom (not optical) and another 12MP optic for ultrawide.

Colours captured on the Note 20 are very vibrant and sharp. This is mostly because of the software that Samsung is using. The telephoto lens may not have optical and it does show if you are really trying to zoom at a subject really far away. But mostly it is enough to get some good shots.

Battery Life

If you read up to this point you can see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has its shortcoming but thank god the battery wasn’t added to the chopping block. This device comes with a 4,300-mAh battery which is actually great. I was able to get an entire day with a single charge and even after setting it down before sleep, the battery still had enough charge for me to do things until mid day.

Once you do need a charge, the Galaxy Note 20 charges very quickly up to 80%. From dead, it would take 30 minutes to reach 55% which is great.


Yes this may not be the best Samsung phone out there but it does do a heck of a good job if this isn’t your only device that you will be working on. It’s more of a jack of all trades kind of device.

It is still missing that wow factor. However, buyers who are drawn to this phone are mainly looking for the S Pen and it is quite a practical tool to have in the middle of a board meeting or just jotting down ideas really quickly. 

If you’re looking for a phone that can get most of your stuff done and you’re looking for a Samsung without breaking the bank on the crazy priced Note 20 Ultra then this is it.

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