Peugeot reveals New Brand Identity with emphasis on upmarket persona and elegance

In its quest to remain relevant in the Automotive world in 2o21 and beyond, Peugeot has revealed its Loud, Bold and Prevalent New Identity. As the world’s longest running Automotive marque, over 210 years, Peugeot’s new Brand Identity bears a coat of arms adorned with a magnificent Lion’s head.

Over its two century heritage, the Lion marque has had ten brand identity or corporate emblem changes. The last brand identity was introduced in 2010 and it heralded a fast moving ascension for the Lion marque in terms of the signature design of Peugeot models and other purposes. The latest one is the 11th rendition accomplished by the folks at Peugeot Design Lab (Peugeot’s Design Studios).

The first model to feature the new brand identity is the much-anticipated New Peugeot 308. Elsewhere, Peugeot’s official webpage, dealerships, all forms of advertisement and etcetera will tune to the new brand identity as well.

In due time, Peugeot will introduce a new lifestyle collection, simple, attractive and quality: clothing, leather goods, fashion accessories, electronic accessories, tableware, stationery, packaging, miniatures and more.

Peugeot’s DNA¬†

The main focus of Peugeot’s new brand identity is none other than the Lion. With this new emblem and logo, the Lion becomes more upmarket, elegant and presents the brand’s DNA to the fullest. It gives audience a vision into the future of the brand.

As for heritage, the past decade has been an ‘astonishingly’ upmarket rise for Peugeot. And this is what it has achieved: “International Van of the year” with the Peugeot e-Expert in 2021 and Partner in 2019, and three “Car Of The Year” on the road (308, chosen in 2014, 3008, chosen in 2017 and 208, chosen in 2020). And above all, an electrified range, for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

On a final note, the Peugeot wants to tell its audience that the new branding is timeless and constantly reinventing itself.

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