Proton new Black edition and R3 limited edition

Proton and Geely marks seventh-year partnership with sales recovery

The Proton-Geely partnership has now hit the seventh-year mark, since Geely took 49 percent stake in the then struggling Malaysian Auto brand.

The Proton-Geely started rather well prior to the debut of the best selling X70. Its initial initiative was the reboot of Proton’s familiar models i.e. Saga, Persona, Iriz and Exora.  The cars were redesigned, re-packaged and priced rather affordably for local intakes. When the X70 SUV came, it was an instant winner with numbers to show for. After the X70 phenomenon came the X50, but the Covid-19 situation put the sales momentum and production to a grinding halt.

Fast forward to the present time, Proton now holds 27.1 percent of the market share or TIV (total industry value), as at February 2021. Proton delivered 11,873 (domestic and International) in the first two months, its best numbers since September 2013.

Proton’s best sellers
The positive numbers are possible thanks to the four best selling Proton models (X50, X70 Saga and Persona). The Proton X50 alone had 30,000 bookings since it came out on 27 October 2020. Although production has been affected by the lockdown, the X50 still had 3,345 units delivered in February and a total of 8,141 units already with new owners. Proton is striving to bring up its X50 production in post-lock-down.

The impressive numbers of the X50 which rivals the X70’s numbers. The X70, with limited stock currently, delivered 1,475 units in February. The combined X50 and X70 numbers account for 4,820 units, granting Proton the lead in the SUV category.

The Saga, the pillar model for Proton, achieved 4,217 units. It is even sold in Kenya, starting 25th this month.

Other contributing models to the overall sales are the Persona (1,818 units) and the Exora.

Four new versions in 2021

Proton most recently introduced some updated models for the year, including Persona Black Edition, Exora Black Edition, Saga R3 and Iriz R3 Limited Edition . These models have thus far accumulated 1,169 bookings from a total production run of just 3,500 units.

Read more about the four new versions of the Saga, Persona, Exora and Iriz here.

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