BMW X7 xDrive40i: Redefining A Luxury SAV

The BMW X7 is the Munich marque’s most prominent SAV,  Sports Activity Vehicle, in BMW terms.  As the flagship SAV, the X7 doesn’t shy from being bold while expressing dynamism.  Apart from the not-so-subtle size of an SAV, here are some interesting takes on the Mean-looking and Bold BMW X7:

First up, the BMW X7 is a 2,000 kg beast with a robust engine that churns 450 Nm of torque at 1,500 rpm.
 As the biggest SAV in BMW’s SAV line-up, the X7 is all about cultivating an adventurous spirit and the joy of driving. And let’s not forget about utility and space, after all the BMW X7 is larger than its German rivals’  large SUVs, Mercedes Benz GLS400 and Audi Q7, in width, length, and wheelbase. Although the X7’s dimensions are bigger, it’s lighter by 115 kg compared to the GLS. In the large SUV category, only the Range Rover Sport is wider than the X7 by 73mm. 
Cabin and Boot space
Many 7-seaters have a smaller boot space as expected with the seats up to enable a bigger 3rd row, and the X7 with 325 liters doesn’t differ too much from that requirement. Only when the seats are down, you get the true boot space of a 7-seater SUV, in the case of the X7, it offers 2120 liters.
Next. 7-seater SUVs usually have a smaller 3rd row but the X7 can comfortably fit a couple of 6-footers with the least problems. Accessibility to the 3td row seats can be cumbersome, but the X7 makes it easy with an auto switch. At a touch of a button, the front seat pulls forward and away from the 2nd row to allow almost seamless access to the 3rd row.  Oh yeah, the 2nd row passengers get display screens to watch their favorite flicks, too. We’re not done with the 3rd row just yet, in addition to space and comfort, you’d be able to control the 2nd row to get more legroom or headroom, for that matter.
The 5-zone climate control
The cabin climate control can be customized in 5 different zones. With a cabin this big, you can literally create your own localized climate. And this climate control system does just that. That’s luxury.
16 speaker audio system

With the plush leather materials all around this flagship BMW SAV,  it is only feasible that the X7 carry a top-notch entertainment system and that comes in the form of a Harmon Kardon 16-speaker system gem. Additionally, the X7 xDrive40i Pure Excellence has twin rear entertainment screens for the passengers. Lastly, there’s a well thought out large panoramic roof to shade passengers or allow fresh air into the SAV.

Camera-alerted active suspension tech
For a 2 tonne SAV with over 5 meters of length, control is not desirable, its essential. More so being a BMW. This is where the Dynamic Damper Control system comes in. The system will use GPS and a front camera to pre-empt the suspension system on the upcoming road surface, to ensure you get the best ride possible. Even the anti roll bars are active and can adjust accordingly.
BMW Laserlights
The X7 comes with BMW’s Laserlight headlights and LED foglights. The lights can cover up to 600 meters in front and are particularly effective against the dead of night.
Driver Assistance Systems
From Active cruise control with Stop and Go function and lane departure warning to self parking, the X7 has got it all. 
The BMW X7 known as Pure Excellence has a starting price of RM 708,000.

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