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A look at the Proton Saga and Iriz R3 Limited Editions

As most motorheads in the country already know, National carmakers Proton has came up with a few R3 Limited Editions for the domestic market. What does it mean for the local petrols?  First and foremost, these cars appeal to upstarters who want a cool ride at a fraction of a price. Proton simply capitalizes on the needs and wants of its targeted group. And, we have the Iriz R3 and Saga R3 editions. We’ll dwell deeper into what’s relevant for the two somewhat exciting limited editions below:
What are you getting?
First things first, these are strictly cosmetic upgrades. You do not get performance enhancements in the engine or reworked dampers. We would be lying if we said we were not slightly disappointed. Having said that these are decent cars to drive, and a little bit of cosmetic rework from R3 is not going to hurt at all.
Sporty Exterior
Proton R3 Iriz
Both cars get a black and yellow paint scheme, with the numbers 83 on the Iriz and 82 on the Saga. Those are the actual numbers on the R3 race cars that won the Malaysian Champion Series and Sepang 1000km races, a couple of years ago
There are extra front and side skirts too, which gives both cars a sporty feel. These cars get gunmetal alloys which are 15 inch for the Saga and 16 inch for the Iriz. The wheel sizes should add to the drivability and handling for the two cars. 
On the inside
Proton Saga interior
The black and yellow accents continue on the inside. The instrument cluster, the steering wheel, dash and seats all feature yellow accents.
The carpets are also in special R3 items, which is also finished in the signature yellow and black trim. The other can’t miss highlight is, an R3 emblem on the dashboard.
Costs to own one
The Saga R3 Special Edition is priced at RM 42,800 and the Iriz R3 Special Edition is priced at RM53,700. Both cars are priced at RM3000 more over the next highest spec. Which can work out as low as RM30 per month in additional installments, with the same down payment.
If you are already going for the top spec Saga or Iriz, and you prefer your cars to come in a more sporting tune, then we’d recommend either the Iriz R3 or Saga R3 limited edition.

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