Bermaz Auto takes over Kia franchise in the country

It has been a buzz in the local Automotive scene since last year that Naza is giving up the Kia brand. Kia has been the main staple auto brand for Naza Corporation since 2003. But, due to a myriad of reasons, Naza couldn’t carry on with the Kia brand and had to transfer it to a major industry party. For a number of years, Kia Motors haven’t been exactly satisfied with the way Naza Kia ran the brand. Therefore, it is also likely that Kia Motors have been on an active look out for a more capable partner in Malaysia.


Not only did Naza lose Kia, but the Peugeot brand as well. A couple of months ago, the Peugeot franchise under Naza had changed hands to the stewardship of Berjaya Auto Alliance.


At present, the Kia brand is now under Bermaz Auto Berhad. Dinamikjaya has been appointed  the brand’s distributor and Kia Malaysia Sdn Bhd as the other subsidiary on assembly of locally-assembled Kia cars in the country. This move marks a new beginning for the Kia brand in terms of expansion of production and its continued existence in Malaysia.


The main focus at present time for the new stewardship is to begin the CKD (completely-knocked down) production program of several key Kia models like the Carnival, Seltos and another key model in due time.  Once the program is initialized, the next step is to make the manufacturing plant a regional hub.


Dinamikjaya is tasked with sales and distribution of Kia cars, both imported and locally-assembled. In addition, the company is taking care of parts and services, as well as after-sales. 


Commenting on Kia’s new partnership, Tae Hun Lee, President and CEO of Kia Asia Pacific said, “After months of searching for the right partner, Kia is delighted to enter into the Kia JV and Kia Distributorship with BAuto. With BAuto’s proven capability in successfully building up automotive marques in Malaysia and the Philippines as well as their automotive manufacturing experience.” 

BAuto Chairman Dato’ Sri Ben Yeoh added, “We are pleased to be given this opportunity to undertake the Kia JV and Kia Distributorship with our partner, Kia under Hyundai Motor Group, which is Korea’s second-largest multinational automotive manufacturer and currently the fifth-largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Kia marque vehicles are well-known for their stylish looks, packed with smart features, frequent facelifts and new launches that keep prospective buyers excited over its products.”


In due process, the company will announce new activities for existing Kia owners. Do stay with for all Kia updates…

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