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Car maintenance tips during the MCO 3.0

Well, it looks like MCO (Movement Control Order) is once again a reality. The third lockdown has been declared due to the Government’s inability to curb the rising number of cases and delayed vaccine deliverables. As usual, the lockdown refrain people from going out too much,  stay home and observe the necessary precautions.

If you won’t be using your car for a month, we at allcarschannel would like to offer some car maintenance tips to keep your car in relatively good condition for the duration of this lockdown.

  1. Warm up the battery

A vehicle needs to be started periodically (the recommended period is every seven days) in order to maintain functionality. One of the basic components a car has, is the battery. The battery allows the engine to start and provides electricity to various components. Therefore, if a car isn’t started regularly, the alternator won’t be unable to charge the battery. The battery would end up depleted.

To avoid this, start your vehicle and keep it running for 5 – 10 minutes to allow the alternator to do its job. While you’re doing this, make sure the air-conditioning is off and refrain fiddling with anything. This ensures the battery gets its much needed warm-up or charge.

  1. Keep Tyre pressure in check

Tyre pressures should be checked on a bi-weekly basis to ensure they have the recommended pressure (refer to your owner’s manual). The best way to check them is to use a tyre pressure gauge or view the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) display (if your car comes with it). If they are underinflated, go to the nearest fuelling station and pump them back up.

Additionally, leaving your vehicle parked in the same spot for several days could result in flat spots on your tyres. Eventually, the tyre will lose its shape which can cause vibrations to be transmitted through the steering wheel when driving. To avoid this, do move your vehicle when starting up.

  1. Sanitize the interior

Car interior

It’s a good idea to practice sanitizing your car’s interior, prior or after a journey. After each journey, make sure you use some disinfectant to wipe surfaces like the steering wheel, door handles, window switches and gear lever. If you have an audio system with a touchscreen, mist some disinfectant onto a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface.

  1. Wipers need to be wiped, too

If you leave your vehicle parked in the sun, it’s good practice to lift up the windshield wipers. The heat transfer from your windscreen glass and prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause your wiper blades to harden, making them less effective. Lifting up the wipers aren’t enough, it is also advisable to wipe the wiper rubber surfaces with water to ensure its durability.

The above auto tips are easy to follow and recommended for all car owners. It would ensure your car continue to serve you and your family after the month’s break.



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