Clean your car proper with these Eight tips

As we are currently in a third Lockdown, the citizens are constantly reminded of an urgency to take precautions whenever necessary. The vaccine to prevent Covid-19 has arrived as the registered citizens flocked to the pre-determined locations to get their shots.

Don’t forget to clean your car proper

Although the situation is made up to be alarming, many are still going about their daily business. Certain people are required to be present in offices, especially management level and up. Most of these Corporate executives drive to work or are driven to their workplaces.  For most, it’s the work-from-home practice.

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For vehicle owners and especially those who’re in the taxi business, here are some simple steps to help keep your car clean and proper:

  1. If you’re driving people around it’s a good idea to regularly sanitize your vehicle’s surfaces, especially hard surfaces, to prevent your car from becoming a petri dish.
  2. The good news is normal soap or solutions with 60% alcohol is proven to kill the virus so you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your car’s interior.
  3. Wear proper gloves and/or wash your hands thoroughly.
  4. Start with the touchpoints like exterior and interior door handles, steering wheel, wipers, seat-belt buckles and gear-shifters.
  5. Don’t forget the infotainment touchscreen and steering switches. Use wipes to avoid water from getting into the system.
  6. Clean all surfaces such as the dashboard, backs of seats, windows and doors.
  7. For soft surfaces such as seat cushions, armrests, carpet and headliner, use a cleaner that’s appropriate for the material such as fabric upholstery or leather cleaner. Remember to not use bleach-based cleaners as they’re likely to cause discoloration.
  8. Finally, clean the child restraints or ISOFIX points, as well as other loose items like cables and such.

The above tips should be followed on a 2-week interval to make sure your car is clean and proper.

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