Hyundai Malaysia introduces Extended Warranty Program

On the local front, Hyundai Malaysia (Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors) has announced its extended warranty program for older models (beyond 5 years). The program suits particular models, including the Elantra, LF Sonata, TL/LM Tucson, DM Santa Fe and TQ Starex.

Extended Warranty conditions

The program applies to cars with expired manufacturer’s warranty that are no longer than 8 years from the manufacturing date and with a travelled mileage of under 300,000km on the fifth year from the car’s purchased date.

Keeping customers’ Peace-of-mind at highest priority

The program is intended to offer Hyundai customers peace of mind while they keep their vehicles beyond 5 years, after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty will function just like a new car’s warranty but subject to yearly renewal and only covers mileage of not more than 30,000km a year.

How much does it costs to enroll?

With a yearly renewal of RM1,280, the program offers extended warranty on internal and primary components of the transmission system as well as other electrical components of the engine, transmission, motoring, and modular parts of the vehicles. It also covers complimentary repairs and part replacement while under warranty. The coverage limit per claim is set at RM10,000. However, any item that has been claimed beforehand can be claimed again should it be proven faulty with a claim of up to RM50,000 on the total aggregate, until it is fulfilled.

All vehicles registered under this program must have a good service record with Hyundai authorized service centers and owners are required to send in their vehicles to a Hyundai service center for a routine service according to the company’s recommended service interval.

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