3M Total Innovative Solutions showcase at KLIMS 2013

 KLIMS 13 Range Rover Evoque at 3M booth Global technology conglomerate 3M thrilled visitors to the KLIMS 2013 with a showcase of its total innovative solutions for the automotive industry, stamping their presence as one of the largest players in aesthetics, performance and energy. Live demonstrations of 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film, 3M™ Nano Safety AutoFilm, 3M™ Light String, 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Cabin Air Filter, 3M™ Tune-up kit and 3M™ Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation were setup at the 3M booth.

In line with the theme of “Efficiency in Motion” set forth for KLIMS ’13, 3M did not fail to demonstrate some of its most innovative solutions that not only enhances performance but also promotes the efficient use of precious energy resources.

KLIMS 13 3M booth

3M AutoFilm takes lead at Kuala Lumpur International Motor show

A significant breakthrough by 3M redefines automotive window tint films and taps into the safety aspect of a vehicle. The 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm features a proprietary, patented Multilayer Optical Film (MOF) technology that combines over 200 layers on a film that is thinner than the company’s own Post-it® note! The hundreds of different layers combine to reject different wavelengths of up to 99% UV and 97% Infra-red solar radiation. And it does all this without sacrificing visual clarity as well as enhancing Glare reduction by 55%. Plus, the security aspect of the film deters smash and grab incidents. 3M Nano Safety AutoFilm was inspired by the wings of a butterfly and created with 3M’s specialization in Adhesives, Nano-technology and advanced materials.

KLIMS 13 3M personnel shows off  Scotch wrap Film_2

Another feast for the eyes was a live demonstration of the 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080 on a Range Rover Evoque. The 1080 Series features a variety of finishes, textures and colors including carbon fiber to suit a wide range of enthusiasts who want to stand out from the crowd. This film provides easy installation using pressure-activated adhesives and air-release channels so that you can carefully mold and reposition the film around every nook and cranny of your beloved ride without trapping any air bubbles.

KLIMS 13 3M personnel shows off  Scotch wrap Film

3M Light String was also demo-ed, featuring round, flexible cut-to-length light diffusing strips that produces 360° diffuse lighting for stylized ambient lighting. 3M HAF Cabin Air Filters provide unparalleled air filtration, constructed from an array of open flow channels that are electronically charged for enhanced particle capture and retention while providing better air quality.

KLIMS 13 3M booth_2

Lastly, 3M Thinsulate Acoustic Insulation is a new acoustic absorption mat that provides high efficient acoustic absorption particularly in the mid and high frequencies. Made of lightweight materials, enthusiasts can now enjoy a quieter cabin without incurring a high weight penalty as opposed to traditional damping materials.

KLIMS 13 3M booth_3

3M’s KLIMS ’13 promotions and give-aways

Visitors to the 3M booth can walk away with a box of 3M Door Edge Protection Film, while purchasers of selected 3M AutoFilm products stand a chance to win an all-expense paid weekend road trip worth RM2,500. Located at No. 3C15 in Hall 3, the 3M™ showcase at the PWTC runs till 24 November.

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