ARES is the new Atelier option for Super and Luxury cars

New Luxury Automotive Atelier ARES has officially became the latest supplier of top-notch quality customizations, designs and innovative technologies to the world of Supercars. ARES luxury automotive atelier is based in Modena, Italy; near the home base of the Prancing Horse.

ARES creates unique, handcrafted, high-performance cars, ensuring that aesthetics and performance combine to provide customers with an unlimited wealth of bespoke car exterior and interior design, as well as engineering innovations.

ARES has brought together a highly talented team with years of experience at some of the industry’s most respected companies, including ex-Lotus Lead Designer Mihai Panaitescu and former Mercedes-Benz AMG COO Wolf Zimmermann. As Head Designer and Chief Technical Officer of the company, their combined aim is to give customers a feel-good sensation that goes beyond anything they have experienced so far. “In the super high-end industry, luxury car makers only go so far in terms of individuality. We are the people to talk to when it comes to taking this individuality to the next level,” Zimmermann noted.

To achieve this goal, ARES uses traditional Italian hand-craftsmanship along with German engineering knowledge and advanced technology from yacht building to develop cars that are perfectly tailored to the values and lifestyle of each individual customer. ARES intends to create a new automotive atelier concept for potential clients with the best cars in the world. For example, ARES is comparable to Savile Row, suits, even haute couture. Like the top-notch fashion label, ARES does anything (for a luxury or supercar) from, using the analogy, a shirt, to it’s buttons, up to the whole custom made outfit.

The current design range of ARES is made up of a fully modified Aston Martin Rapide S, a Bentley Continental GT W12, an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Range Rover Vogue and a Range Rover Sport.

However, this is not the end of ARES’ ambitions according to Zimmermann, “There are a lot of new cars and new ideas that we already have in the pipeline and ARES is also looking forward to build its own cars in the future.”

Some of these new projects include one of a kind Shooting Brakes from Aston Martin and Bentley respectively, a Lamborghini Huracán, a Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Rolls-Royce Ghost II.

While not being limited to OEM restrictions in design and technology, ARES goes beyond these and delivers the complete supply chain from individual planning, developing, manufacturing and servicing the customer, with the first cars immediately on sale worldwide.

Edited: ARES

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