Ariya Concept: A future look into Nissan’s EV dreams

The Nissan Ariya Concept, displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show, offers a glimpse at the brand’s future in the electric vehicles game. The other star for Nissan at its home motor show is the IMk Concept, an MPV EV. 

The Ariya Concept is the focus here with all its sleekness and  double electric motors, as  well as the latest driver assistance technologies. Based on first impression, the Ariya concept is obviously an SUV. Being Japanese, Nissan and any Jap manufacturers for that matter, they never fail to address some kind of ‘Japanese’ terminology – the two concepts are termed ‘Timeless Japanese Futurism’”.

At a glance, the Ariya has wide front fenders, slim LED headlights and a shield with an illuminated Nissan emblem.  Highlighting the vehicle’s profile are five-blade, 21-inch aluminum wheels with custom tyres and a low roofline. From the rear, the concept has a steeply raked C-pillar that blends seamlessly into a bold rear end. And since it’s a concept, the SUV takes up a one-piece light blade with blacked-out lenses runs across the width of the body. Additionally, the rear comes complete with fender flares and a high-mounted wing. For this concept, they’ve painted it with a special Suisei Blue scheme.

Inside, the concept features a premium cabin to reflect its electric car status and Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility with all the high tech trimmings. A flat floor is made possible by the battery pack layout and absence of an internal combustion engine. Overall, the interior of the concept gives an expanded and open feel, offering a panoramic impression from any seat position.

The minimalist dashboard is uncluttered by the buttons and switches found in conventional vehicles. When the Ariya Concept is energized, seamlessly integrated haptic touch controls along the instrument panel come to life with a glow. When the car is not in use, they disappear into the surface. The only physical controls are the start button, a single knob to operate the 12.3-inch display monitor, and the climate controls, which are artfully ingrained into the instrument panel’s genuine-wood lower section. The instrument panel transitions flawlessly into the doors and interior elements, to be out of sight when not in use.

For upholstery, the  seats feature a super-thin frame, ergonomic front and rear seats, and perforated leather and copper fabric. Throughout the cabin, interior materials were carefully selected to give an impression of solidness, technology and utility. Fine black synthetic leather covers the instrument panel and inner door panels. A different grade of synthetic leather with a textured grain lines the A-pillar and ceiling.

At preview, the concept takes up ProPILOT 2.0, Nissan’s advanced driver assistance system. We’re not going to explore what the ProPILOT does here.

The all-electric concept is listed without output and torque ratings but it’s got a double electric motor for sufficient output, presumably. An all-wheel drive is one of the main functions for this EV concept.

Getting in and out with Seamless integration

Intuitive technology allows the Ariya concept to fit seamlessly into the driver’s daily life, on-board  and off-board. Among the human-machine interface features is Door to Door Navigation, which allows anyone to set a destination on their smartphone, transfer it to the car  and have the vehicle’s navigation system continue offering directions.

Another cool feature is the driver is greeted with a welcome light as the vehicle unlocks automatically, eliminating the need to fumble with a key fob. Even before getting inside, settings such as the driver’s seat position and climate controls are adjusted to the driver’s personal preferences, which the driver can save to a smartphone as a unique profile. The car can sync with the driver’s schedule to anticipate departure times and prepare the vehicle to be climate-controlled and ready to hit the road.

Once the driver is inside, the Virtual Personal Assistant activates and the car’s Smart Route Planner automatically identifies and plots charging stops along the way, ensuring that the driver arrives at the desired destination, whether near or far. As for charging, the car comes with CHAdeMO quick charging to energize the battery swiftly and conveniently.

When parked at the office or home, the concept  supports Nissan Energy technology. The technology makes it possible to connect with energy systems to charge the EV battery, power homes and businesses.

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