BMW’s most significant “Eight” milestones

BMW has a long list of milestones in the world and Malaysia, but eight milestones are deemed most significant; over the years. The first of the eight is the world’s first V8 all-alloy engine, followed by the unveiling of the impeccable BMW 8 Series.

The all-aloy engine and 8 Series put BMW on the world map in the automotive industry. The brand from Munich went on to score more accolades with the Z8 Roadster, the world’s first 8-cylinder diesel engine, M5 with 6-cylinder engine and currently, the i8 and i8 Roadster.

To top it all off, BMW and BMW Malaysia have topped the sales charts, both internationally and domestically for the eight consecutive year, up till 2018.

Here’s the list of Eight significant milestones:  

  1. The world’s first V8 all-alloy engine: Ever since the BMW Group was founded, innovation has been one of the main success factors for the company. This was especially so in March 1954 when BMW introduced the world’s first V8 all-alloy engine built after the world war to be fitted in a volume-produced automobile. The car that was driven by this engine, the BMW 502, the successor to the iconic BMW 501. The luxurious model was first presented to visitors at the 40th Geneva Motor Show.
  • The first-ever BMW 8 Series: For the first time in its illustrious history, the premium automaker introduced the number 8 in its model line-up in 1989. The introduction of the first-ever BMW 8 Series was witnessed by over a million visitors at the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show. Another technological marvel of its time, the first generation BMW 8 Series was the first BMW vehicle to introduce electronic drive-by-wire throttle, Dynamic Stability Control and Integral Active Steering with the use of multi-ink rear axle technology.
  • The BMW Z8: Another ‘8’ in the BMW model line-up is the BMW Z8. In 1999,James Bond drove the BMW Z8 in ‘The World Is Not Enough’. Inspired by the legendary BMW 507, the BMW Z8 offered the appeal of a classic roadster with its long, sleek front overhang and streamlined body design leading to a powerful, muscular short rear end. Its engine’s drive-by-wire throttle operated eight individual intake butterflies and featured Dynamic Throttle Control, allowing the driver to select between ‘Comfort’ and ‘Sports’ responses. The classic model entered the market in the new millennium with the very best technology available at the time in automobile production
  • The world’s first-ever 8-cylinder diesel engine: It was the world’s first-ever 8-cylinder diesel engine was the heart of the BMW Concept Z9.
  • The BMW M5 with 8-cylinder engine: The third-generation of the BMW M5 was introduced in 1998 and for the first time ever, fitted with an 8-cylinder engine and aluminium chassis. The 5-litre, V8-cylinder engine generated 294KW/400hp with a maximum torque of 500Nm enabling the BMW M5 to make the century sprint in merely 5.3 seconds. The engine which won numerous World Engine of the Year Awards was also the first V8 engine to power the BMW M5 to retain the leading position in the Premium Sports Sedan segment.
  • The first-ever BMW i8: Driven by the future, BMW i represents ground-breaking ideas, visionary vehicles and inspiring design, all grounded in a commitment to sustainability. As a window to the future, BMW Malaysia introduced the  in 2015 at the BMW World Malaysia
  • The first-ever BMW i8 Roadster: A couple of years later, BMW Malaysia unveiled the icon of a new era in the form of the i8 Roadster. The open-top hybrid two-seater sports car redefines driving enthusiasm, freedom and demonstrates e-Mobility as the visionary way forward for the convertible sports car segment.
  • Eighth-consecutive year of record sales: 2018 marked the eight-consecutive year of record sales for both the BMW and BMW Malaysia. To kick start this year proper, BMW Malaysia will start off with the Story of Luxury, this month.

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