Bosch Advantage wiper review

The Bosch brand has been at the forefront in automotive aftermarket products, known the world over. In Malaysia, most citizens would know the brand and its popular powertools and those in the automotive circle Bosch’s automotive aftermarket products. Although there are numerous auto aftermarket products from China, there are really just a handful of brands you can really trust; not only for its years in the business but in terms of reliability and durability. So when it comes to world-class quality and trustworthiness, is the price really that much of a concern?

When comes to replacing our wipers, Bosch is one of the top names that instantly pops up in any car guy’s head. The wipers’ sizes that we have is the 24” and 20” wipers, fitting a Kia Forte like a glove. With the new wiper, we dove into a few aspect that normal consumers would look into when they’re buying new wipers. was recently provided the Bosch Advantage Wipers for a test run. Out test reviewer installed the Bosch Advantage wipers to find out how effective they are…


Installation for the Bosch advantage wipers is very simple, the clip on the wiper fits most cars that is sold in this country. After all, it’s assembled for this region of the world. The wiper attachment point comes with a slot and the slot keeps the wiper arm in place during swipe operation. Detaching the wiper is as easy as putting it on, meaning there’s no worries of the wiper arm getting stuck on after a long period of usage.


Going through the Bosch online shop, we found out that the Bosch Advantage wiper cost on average of RM20 per wiper. You can actually replace the wiper yearly without breaking the bank.


As stated, you can purchase the Bosch Advantage wipers durectly from Bosch via their online store on Lazada or any authorized Bosch distributors. When you shop online at Bosch’s official onliine shop, you are assured that the products are absolutely genuine.


When installed for the first time, the wipers obviously swipe the windscreen clear. There are no sign of bending at the edge of the wipers when the wiper is sitting on the windscreen. Some wipers tends to bend at the edge due to the wiper structure that apply more pressure at the center to ensure the wiping performance. The Bosch Advantage wiper is built to apply pressure across the wiper’s length, allowing the wiper to clear the windscreen during heavy or light rain.

As a public service announcement, we would like to encourage to replace your wipers whenever you start to detect a sign of wiper wear. During the rainy and scattered thunderstorm period, it’s very important to ensure your wipers are in perfect condition to keep you safe on the road. Order your Bosch wipers in the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your door step.

You can find your suitable wipers on Bosch online store at:

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