Bosch expands product portfolio for Motorcycles

Demand for enhanced motorcycle safety and smart connectivity solutions is driving the business, and Bosch has predicted that most growth will take place in Asia. Studies indicate that by 2021, the annual global production of two-wheelers will reach around 160 million units, nearly 90 percent of which will be made in China, India, and Southeast Asia. This is roughly one-third more than today. Production volumes will predominantly comprise small motorbikes and scooters with up to 250 cc displacement.

Bosch components cover the entire two-wheeler spectrum: from those in Asia’s lower price segment to powerful machines with over 1,000 cc displacement, demand for which is strongest in Europe, Japan, and North America. The portfolio includes safety systems, powertrain components for internal combustion engines and light electric vehicles, and interfaces for connecting motorcycles with smartphones, tablets, and connected services.

Bosch assistance systems for bikes Bosch side_view_assist

As the market leader for motorcycle safety systems, Bosch offers a variety of solutions for one of the most pressing challenges of the global motorcycle market. In Thailand and Indonesia, for example, some 21,000 people die in motorcycle accidents each year. Studies by Bosch accident research indicate that, if every two-wheeler were equipped with ABS, roughly one in four of these accidents could be prevented.

Since 1995, Bosch has manufactured more than two million motorcycle ABS units. In 2013, Bosch developed MSC motorcycle stability control, the world’s first “all-in-one” safety system for two-wheelers. But it still sees room for further developments: with side view assist, Bosch has launched the world’s first rider assistance system for two-wheelers. When changing lanes, the assistant uses ultrasonic sensors to check for danger in the areas on either side of the bike.

With its integrated powertrain systems for light electric vehicles, Bosch is bringing resource-saving solutions to urban mobility. Along with safety and efficiency, the desire for connectivity is a key driver of Bosch’s motorcycle business. The company has several motorcycle connectivity solutions in its portfolio such as; the ICC integrated connectivity cluster with Bluetooth and Connectivity Control Unit (CCU).

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