Bosch S5 Silver

S5_silver BOSCH Batteries
For the highest starting power, and increased service life and safety., Bosch recommends the S5 with specifically designed with Silver Alloy Technology surpasses international standards set by original equipment manufacturers. Even at extreme temperatures the S5 provides safe and powerful energy supply for highly sophisticated, energy consuming components.
Bosch S5 Silver
• Maintenance-free
• Innovative Bosch Silver Technology
• 30 % more cold-starting power
• Safe starting also in extreme temperatures
• 30 % increased service life
• Fulfils and surpasses original equipment recommendations
• Dependable supply of power for vehicles with additional safety features such as ESP and ABS.
• Minimal self-discharge
• Extreme short-distance tolerance
• Maximum safety with: Leak-proof, patented labyrinth cap and double backfire protection
All Bosch Batteries are available at Bosch outlets and certified agents.

RP: RM 446.00 /unit