Caltex fuels up Natasha Chang in Guinness World Record feat

As part of its major marketing effort, Caltex Malaysia promoted and supported a Guinness World Record feat, where nominated drivers attempted the feat to race 1,000 meters ascending up a treacherous mountain road.

This Guinness World Record feat featured two International drivers, Natasha Chang and KC Montero, who’d both attempt to charge up the mountain roads of Doi Chang in Thailand. The mountain roads of Doi Chang was no walk in the park as the roads were practically sandy and comprised of scattered villages and light rain forest. To achieve the record, they both must complete the required challenge in less than 10 minutes, surging up the ascending path to the finish line.

The Guinness World record attempt saw Natasha and KC and their crews embarked on an intense preparation. Natasha chose a Civic EG, while KC took a Toyota Corolla KE70 to attempt a potential world record feat. These cars were practically stock but had properly bolted parts such as hardened suspensions and minor tweaks.

On the day of the world record attempt, both Natasha and KC were ready for the challenge. The rule was set, both drivers only got two attempts to break the 10mins barrier to earn world record honor. The challenge was the 1,000m Doi Chang course which featured a straight, a sharp left and an ‘S’ obstable before the run-up to the finish line.

The stage was set and naturally it was Natasha who got to kick things off. In her first attempt of two, she powered up her Civic off the starting block, looking good on the straight. However, in a split second she misjudged a sharp left turn and bumped her car on the guard rail. The car’s front right suspension and wheel broke apart, and attempt over for Nat. After an evaluation by her mechanics, her crew told her it would take several hours to find the parts and fix up the car.

Next, KC went on his first attempt and should Natasha failed to attempt again, he might be the winner. KC was calm from the start as he powered up his Corolla through the straight. He slowed ever so slightly at the sharp left, where Natasha bumped her car, and pushed through the turn without any issues. As he zig-zagged his way on the ‘S’ bends, he could virtually see the finish line. He completed the undulating course on his first attempt, rather smooth.

KC returned to the start area somewhat happy. Natasha was still waiting for news from her crew. When the news came that the parts were already on its way, she was overjoyed. The crew could patch up the car and she could do her second attempt to try to beat KC and go for broke for the world record. Natasha’s crew took about 3 hours in total to patch up the car. Meanwhile, KC received a bad news from his crew that the car’s transmission had virtualy melted and no further attempt was possible.

Do or Die in Guinness World Record attempt

It was all down to Natasha as she got herself psyched for her final attempt at a Guinness world record. From the onboard camera, she powered through the straight without even a flinch. She weaved by the scary sharp left turn and headed for the ‘S’ curves. Somehow her drifting skills helped her a lot as she tackled the ‘S’ curves, flawlessly. As she came out of the last turn, she zipped past the finish line with a certain jubilation. Natasha did it!

The Guinness world record personnel were on hand to track both competitors’ timings. They announced KC’s timing first then Natasha’s. KC managed to beat the record attempt on his first try with a time of 7:30, which was under the 10m rule. Next they announced Natasha’s time. Natasha,on her second attempt, did it in 6:52, a Guinness world record!  

Catlex provided the fuel to both competitors’ cars in the world record feat. Caltex with Techron cleans the engine and allows it to function at its most optimum. Techron’s unique chemistry is proven to remove and protect the engine from deposits in critical areas like the intake valves and port fuel injectors. In addition, the fuel’s Clean & Glide Technology helps reduce friction to maximize power.

About Natasha Chang

Natasha has been an aspired race car driver at an early age. The lass who’s half Puerto Rican, half Jamaican and of Chinese descendant began her racing dreams with the Jetcon Race Team in 2008. She persevered her racing aspirations in Ladies-only championships in the U.S.  Natasha is best known for her friendly demeanor and competitive spirit.

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