Chevrolet highlights 2014 Camaro line-up at New York Auto show

 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Chevrolet will showcase the latest Camaro range which includes the SS and Z/28 for the New York Auto Show starting 29 March.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro

The 2014 Camaro line-up, based on the 6th-generation Concept which first came out in 2006, is slightly different from the popular Transformers ‘Bumblebee’ version with elements that stress on high-performance aerodynamics and stability at high speeds. The Camaro Z/28, first debut in 1967, takes up full aero-package and is considered a full-fledged track car, thanks to its lightweight body and overall reduction in curb weight; high-revving, dry-sump LS7 engine; carbon-ceramic brakes; integrated coolers for track use; and true aerodynamic downforce. In initial testing, the Camaro Z/28 is three seconds faster per lap than the Camaro ZL1. That extra speed comes from three areas: increased grip, better stopping power and its reduced overall weight – more significantly, the NA Camaro Z/28 is 136 kilograms (300 pounds) lighter than the Supercharged Camaro ZL1.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28um

The Camaro SS retains somewhat similar ‘Bumblebee-in-non-robot-form’ motifs, but has a wider, lower stance. The front fascia features a wider lower opening, and a narrower upper opening that also updates the appearance of the iconic “halo ring” HID headlamps on the Camaro RS package. The functional hood vent on the SS helps reduce heat and aerodynamic lift. Moving to the rear, the sculptural decklid, horizontal lamps and diffuser complete the racing-aspired performance car.

The Camaro Z/28, on the other hand, has a large splitter that’s connected to an underbody panel at the front. In profile, the Z/28 features fender flares over the front and rear wheels, as well as extended rocker panels that contribute to aerodynamic stability. An aggressive rear spoiler and functional diffuser complete the aerodynamic package. Additionally. 19-inch wheels and tyres are incorporated for the Z/28 instead of the standard 20-inch wheels on the Camaro SS and ZL1 versions; this translates to a weight saving of up to 19 kg.

2014 Camaro Z28 interior

The inside of the Z/28 is instilled these scintillating features; all-round inmatte-metallic ‘Octane’ finish, flat-bottomed steering wheel and standard manual Recaro seats with microfiber suede inserts. Being a racing-aspired car, the Z/28 bares all the interior simplicities like chrome-trimmed air-conditioning vents and upper center console around the gear knob, a one-tone colored display screen and aluminium pedals.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 powered by a 7.0L powerplant

Chevrolet Camaro LS7 engine

Powering the Camaro Z/28 is a light and NA 7.0-liter LS7 powerplant, that’s mated to a Tremec TR6060 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission with 3.91:1 final drive ratio. Interestingly, the engine with a 11.0:1 compression ratio and 7,000 rpm redline is similar to the one utilized in the Corvette Z06. The powertrain pushes up to an estimated 500 horsepower (373 kW) and 637 Nm of torque. Co-developed with Corvette Racing, the hand-assembled 7.0L (427 cid) V-8 uses a number of high-performance components, such as: Titanium intake valves and connecting rods, and sodium-filled exhaust valves; CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads; Forged-steel crankshaft and main bearing caps; High-lift camshaft; Hydroformed exhaust headers; dry-sump oiling system.

To improve air flow, the Z/28 has racing-style, cold-air induction system; large K&N air filter; dual mode exhaust system and large pipes. By bypassing the mufflers during acceleration, the system increases both the torque and sound generated by the LS7 engine.

Power is distributed to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential featuring a helical gear set, rather than traditional clutch packs. The differential works in unison with Chevrolet’s proprietary Performance Traction Management system, which allows drivers to adjust the level of throttle and brake intervention to match their capability and driving environment.

In the quest to reduce overall weight, the Camaro Z/28 doesn’t have interior sound deadener, carpeting in the trunk, as well as HID headlights and foglights. Air-conditioning is a stand-alone option. At the same time, a smaller, lighter LN3 battery replaces the standard LN4 and thinner 3.2mm rear glass are installed instead of the standard 3.5mm glass.

2014 Camaro and Camaro Z/28 Availability

The new 2014 Camaro line will arrive at Chevrolet dealers later in 2013. The Camaro Z/28 is expected to be appearing at track events across the USA in the first quarter 2014.

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