Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 scoops Professional Tyre Test Award

The Continental ContiPremiumContact (CPC) 5 has won the Professional Tyre Test award from a British private hire and chauffeur magazine.

The Professional Driver tyre test accolade celebrates the best of the best in the private hire and chauffeur market, revealing the most inspirational products for the decerning needs of this segments drivers. The tests highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, and comfort, Offering professional drivers confidence when looking for their next product purchase.

Safety at the highest possible level is one thing all Continental tyres have in common but this is where the ContiPremiumContact (CPC) 5 excels. Greater contact with the road under braking is achieved thanks to the3D edges, whilst an eco-contour reduces energy losses along the shoulder zone, minimizing fuel consumption with an overall mileage improvement of 12%.

The continued challenge in tyre design is to reduce rolling resistance and wear whilst, at the same time, ensuring the tyre still excels in wet braking. The CPC 5 features a flexible sidewall for increased comfort and reduced rolling resistance, alongside whisper bars which reduce noise levels by up to 3db compared to its predecessor. The reduced rolling resistance contributes to fuel savings attributes.

With one in every three cars in Europe now fitted with Continental tyres, the CPC 5 has continued to raise the benchmark set by its predecessor. The Continental CPC 5 is suitable for mid-sized and executive class vehicles. The tyre offers excellent grip and optimal handling in every driving situation. In addition, the tyre enables short braking distances on dry and wet surfaces.

The ContiPremiumContact 2 has also won many tests by independent journalists throughout Europe, and the supreme quality of the ContiPremiumContact (CPC) has earned it more than 300 approvals from OE Manufacturers, proving first choice across a diverse range of vehicles. Among the media awards attained by the CPC 5 since 2013 are; Auto Zeitung (Germany), Auto Bild (Germany), Avto Centr (Ukraine), Tekniikan Maalima (Finland), Za Rulem (Russia), ADAC (Germany) and Auto Motorsport (Germany).

The ContiPremiumContact (CPC) 5 is currently available in 14-17-inch rim sizes. Visit your nearest Continental Best Drive outlet in Malaysia for more information.

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