Continental Tyre PJ launches 21st BestDrive Passenger Car Center in JB

2015 Continental BestDrive JB Passenger Car Center_4 Continental BestDrive has a brand new outlet in the major Southern City of Johor Bahru, which started operations last week. The newest Continental BestDrive Passenger Car Center Johor Bahru (JB) is a collaboration between Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia and Chong Heng Tyres Enterprise. With the newest JB Passenger Car Center onboard, Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia has now amassed a total of 21 BestDrive Continental Passenger Car Centers in the country.

Continental Tyre PJ’s partners Chong Heng Tyres Enterprise has their humble beginnings, which kicked off in 1985, with their very first shop in Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru. In three decades, the company expanded their business with the opening of 3 additional outlets in the JB vicinity. At present, the company has ranked up to become a member of the BestDrive Continental Passenger Car center exclusive community.

As with the growing number of Continental BestDrive centers in the country, the latest BestDrive JB, besides observing the concept of a true Continental BestDrive Passenger Car center, offers a more complete services repertoire than regular retail outlets. “The BestDrive Continental Passenger Car Centre empowers our partners with the ability to make use of this brand to become positioned as specialized tyre dealers catering for the premium customer segment, whereby our premium brand attracts premium customers; our global network provides premium products; and we have marketing support that facilitates premium sales efforts,” Cameron Wilson, Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said.

The BestDrive Chong Heng Tyres in JB is considered a premium Continental Passenger Car center and distributes a broader range of tyre brands, distributed and manufactured by Continental Tyre PJ. The tyre brands carried by the JB center include premium and affordable tyre ranges: Continental, Dunlop, Viking, light truck tyre line-up and more.

As a premium Continental outlet, the Chong Heng Tyres building has that familiar Continental Citrus-colored theme and adheres to the brand’s Corporate Identity and layout. Customers can expect a comfortable and spacious environment at the JB Continental BestDrive, as well as a whole lot of customer-oriented services and amenities, normally not found at tyre shops or outlets. And, the available amenities at the new BestDrive Passenger Car center include cable 65-inch Curve TV viewing, air-conditioned waiiting rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, Beverages, and complimentary 10-point safety and maintenance and service reminders.

In addition, the company offers an optimum car service environment, thanks to its friendly personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and easy product (tyres and rims) references. Services available also consist of wheel alignment, balancing, nitrogen gas inflation, tyre repairs and Continental Approved Tyre Inspector (CATI) program.

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