Eight essentials to have in your Car

Do you own a car? Everyone does. Having a car means you need to upkeep it to serve you for a tenure until you decide to sell your car or upgrade to a new ride.

You should know that a car needs these eight essential items in the trunk or cabin, at all times.

Imagine if you’re stuck on the road or highway and your car broke down in the middle but your phone’s battery is dead. What would you do? In this case, you should always remember to bring your car charger with you at all times. Just keep a car charger in the car, for that matter. 

As the number of cars on the road increase on a daily basis, motorists are constantly at risk of accidents. In any accidents, it’s advisable to keep calm. Most accidents are not fatal, unless you asked for it. When an accident occurs, the driver or occupants might sustain light bruises or scratches. This is where a first aid kit would come in handy. So keep one in the glovebox,just in case.

With so many gas stations popping up everywhere in the city, it’s difficult to imagine for anyone to ever run out of fuel. Well, out of town folks might tell you a different story, as suburbs or rural areas usually have a lot less fuel pumps. Out of towners usually have a spare or empty fuel can/container on standby in their cars. City folks should keep that in mind, better be safe than sorry.

A luminous jacket or clothing might be an overkill to keep in the car. But, when a mishap should happen, especially if you’re driving an older car or at night. It could probably save your life!  First, extra clothing keeps you warm when you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Think of a mountain road with scarce light after midnight and your phone doesn’t have a signal. Scary huh?

Although it sounds absurd, it isn’t a bad idea to keep some drinks or light snacks in the car. In the event of a breakdown, the first thing you do is scrambling for your phone to call someone to take care of business. After that, it’s usually a long, long wait, especially if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. During the idle time, instead of panicking why don’t you have a sip of water or fluid to calm your spirits or open a bag of chips to suffice your stomach?

A majority of cars in this country break down because of a battery fault or an overdue battery. When your car’s battery dies, there’s nothing else you can do; except free the gears if you’re on a manuarl or push the car forward/backward. A car battery fault or fast draining could be a manufacturer defect or lack of attention by the owner, so it’s high time to check your car’s battery if there’re signs of start-up delays, most commonly. If your car’s immobile from a battery related issue, you need to call a friend and have jumper cables on ready. The cables need to be affixed to the relevant points to start the car. It isn’t rocket science…

Having an extra pair of sandals or shoes might be the last thing on everybody’s mind. Do bear in mind that sandals or shoes could come in handy as you’d never know when or where a breakdown would occur. And if you got a pair, you’re going to need it when you assess your car in the typical tropical weather of this country. Plus, you don’t want to dirty your fine pair of Clarks or Nikes.

Last, but not least, portable hazard sign with reflective panels or indicator is the other important equipment to bring along in a car. These days, most new cars come attached with a mobile hazard sign; it’s required by road transport authorities. Should your car break down, it is a requirement to put a warning hazard sign or triangle behind your car. The warning triangle Is especially useful on highways when cars generally go at higher speeds.

Once again, do take note of this list of essential items to have in your car: 

  1. Car  charger
  2. First aid kit
  3. Empty fuel can
  4. Luminous jacket/clothing
  5. Drinks or light snacks
  6. Jumper cables
  7. Shoes
  8. Warning triangle or Breakdown hazard sign

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