Ferrari gives Supremacy a new name

One needn’t be a man to appreciate a precious sight, but add a supercar to the equation and the math turns even for the female beholder. Deborah Joy Peter unveils the thunderous symphony that is the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

By some stroke of good fortune, my arrival at Zebra Square this morning came just minutes before the ‘reason’ for my attendance was unveiled in all its shining glory. Upon reaching the crowded entrance of the launch space, I was greeted by a darkened room and flashing red lights. Based on the atmosphere inside, where the many guests either sat or stood with bated breath, it was clear the moment was nigh.

Ferrari 812 Superfast: Poised for Power 

So far, it was all aces. Yet, as I ventured a final step to join in on the revelry, the person behind me—a smartly attired vessel of maleness who looked to be in his early 30s—pushed hard on my back and demanded outright that I move. It was a rude awakening no less amidst a fantastical backdrop, but then I heard the roaring engine from a short distance away, and suddenly, understanding became my middle name.

As realisation dawned, it grew evident that no one was there for idle chatter. Today, the sole object of idolisation was something else entirely, so it was either find my footing quickly or step aside. Making its official Malaysian debut, the package was on the move. If sheer volume was any indication, it was without a doubt that the highly anticipated Ferrari 812 Superfast was among us. I gazed and there it was.

Ferrari 812 Superfast: A gentle giant

Perhaps aggression was the emotion to match such a riveting roll-out, or so I decided at first. However, upon further inspection and admiration, I found the opposite to be true. A flawless construct of sleek innovation dressed in metallic splendour, while marked by the iconic prancing horse for an emblem, the flashy ride delivers a fresh chapter to V12 history by offering the most powerful of engines in its segment.

The newest and trendiest from a long line front-engined V12s, the variant first premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show in March, and revealed a futuristic and the fastest road-going contender in the marque’s 70-year legacy. The opulently endowed giver of speed rewards a highly discerning clientele with both exclusivity and a 360-degree experience that’s entirely worthy of the suave model and make.

Ferrari 812 Superfast: Under the hood

Representative of a new generation of 12-cylinder superiority and powered by an 800-cv motor for incomparable swiftness on the gallop, the 812 Superfast commands maximum output at 8,500 revolutions per minute. In the mid-engine sportscar category, the made-for-race thriller’s performance remains unsurpassed, while its powerhouse pitch exploits the acoustic clout relayed by its increased displacement.

Meanwhile, fortified with leading-edge control systems, the vehicle is the inaugural adopter of the brand’s electric power steering, a feature whose aim is to push the supercar’s potential to the limit so as to keep with tradition. Fluid handling and seamless comfort notwithstanding, its advanced assist functions such as virtual short wheelbase and side slip control heighten both the agility and nimbleness of the drive.

The amalgamation of style and aerodynamic ability seals the steadfastness of Ferrari culture. An endearing quality synonymous with the name, the 812 Superfast honours said inclination with the privilege of driving pleasure and the promise of sporty exuberance. Also, boasting ergonomic fineness in its seats and the latest in infotainment technology, the product’s base price of RM1,578, 800 renders it an easy steal.

As part of its redesign, a new hue has been introduced with the addition of Rosso Settantanni, a commemorative colour which pays homage to the company’s platinum jubilee. Summing up this extraordinary tale of flavour and finesse, I maintain that as far as grace goes, this magnificent machine may appear intimidating to the naked eye, but get to know the street dancer and you will catch a glimpse of art imitating life.










Text by Deborah Joy Peter

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