Financial sites to assist customers stretch their Ringgit

 Ringgitplus portal Relatively new financial webpages and have joined forces to offer greater financial options, flexible plans and educational information for the citizens. RinggitPlus and SaveMoney pages are established by Siew Yuen Tuck and Liew Ooi Hann, both visionaries in the online financial products and services circles.

Core product of the sites’ plans is Vehicles’ financial plans and options. The site offers invaluable tips on purchasing a new car or advice on vehicle ownership. Auto loan and Motor insurance plan are at the top of the list and often being clamped down on the customer when acquiring a new car. The decision of choosing the right auto loan and insurance has regularly become daunting for the average customer. Now, Ringgitplus and SaveMoney have put their expertise and experience together to enlighten the customer’s decision making process.

According to Ringgitplus and SaveMoney, there are more than 20 financial organizations offering auto loans and also more than 20 insurers offering motor insurance plans, as well as more than a dozen payment cards specifically targeted at vehicle owners, not to mention other consumer-centric cards with auto expense benefits. The customer is spoilt for choice, but is it the right choice? Fret not, help is at hand! The citizens now have a holistic source of financial advice and a one-stop online channel for researching, finding and applying for their financial products, whilst enjoying exclusive offers.

That said, Saving Plus, the company that runs Ringgitplus and SaveMoney sites, intends to help customers choose the most suitable and best products based on the most compelling criteria; personal lifestyle needs and financial profile.

Liew Ooi Hann, CEO of Saving Plus, remarked, “ is a trusted and independent site that helps consumers get the information and insights they need, to manage their personal finances. We have also gained local banks acknowledgement as a trusted independent source of financial advice. One of the main reasons we decided to merge is that we wanted to help Malaysians through the entire process of researching and applying for financial products. I wanted to make sure people who applied on were making the most informed decision possible.”

Siew Yuen Tuck, Executive Director of Saving Plus, added, “I found that similar services were lacking in the country – which has a financial landscape dominated by large banks and insurers. This made me realize that there was a gap I could fill – empowering the people to make the smartest and best informed financial choices, plus offering them exclusive deals.”

Collectively, and have reached over 500,000 online customers. Moreover, the organization also provides personal financial education to customers, via its monthly SaveMoney magazine. There are 120,000 members generating more than 100,000 product applications in the current year, and that makes Saving Plus one of the country’s largest money saving communities.

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