Fuel Saving tips for the CNY festive period

With the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities on the horizon, Allcarschannel.com is pleased to present fuel saving tips for folks travelling far and near during the CNY (Chinese New Year) period. Saving money will most definitely be on the agenda for many during the festive period and for the rest of the year, for that matter. However, many neglect the expenses that derive from your vehicle.

During the mad-rush back to hometowns and desired destinations, motorists are bound to want to reach their destinations quick. As always, motorists are advised to perform proper services and checks before their travels. Also, do take precautions on the roads at all times. As for fuel saving, try to keep your driving smooth, gentle acceleration and using the highest safe gear will use less fuel. The highway authorities have issued recommended travelling times for road users during the feative period. It is advisable to observe the peak and non-peak hours and plan your trip wisely.

In the event of heavy traffic, ease off the accelerator early for traffic or when you approach traffic lights, especially when they’re about to go yellow or hit red. During the festive period it is almost impossible to avoid travelling on rush hours, but do observe the recommended peak and non-peak hours. If possible, do avoid driving during the rush hour as stopping and starting in traffic needs the use of the first gear and a lot fuel is dispensed to get the vehicle moving, especially when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Another fuel saving tip is to keep your tyres well maintained at the correct pressures before your tips. If your tyres are due for replacement, please replace them before your journey to prevent from unwanted circumstances. For those who are travelling long distance, we recommend looking into tyre brands that are designed for extra economy.

In addition, get rid of unnecessary weight, if possible. Cars work just like the human body, your body needs more energy to more around more weight and so does your car, take heavy items out of the car if you don’t need to carry them. A roof rack or roof box will increase drag and you will use more fuel to overcome this remove it if it is not being used.

The next tip on fuel saving is to stop the constant back and forth. During this festive period, do warm up your engine prior to leaving your home. If your engine is cold, it uses more fuel for the first couple of kilometers or so. Your engine stays cold when you drive less than a kilometer and your car will produce 60 per cent more pollution than a warm engine.

Air-conditioning is important in this country’s horrid weather conditions. However, of late, the rainy weather makes things a little cooler than most days. So whenever possible, turn off the air-conditioning if you don’t require it. Otherwise, when the a/c works overtime it uses extra fuel, more or less. Another note, unnecessary power usage in the car will somewhat take up a little bit of fuel, although quite minimal.

Last but not least, keep your speed low. It sounds pretty standard but driving faster uses more fuel, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent. Try pressing more lightly on the accelerator, often you can maintain the same speed with less pressure on the pedal.

Have a Good break and be Safe on the Road! Happy Chinese New Year!!

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