Global Premiere of the New Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is the brand’s most recognizable model range the world over when it comes to high-end SUVs. To carry on the Premium/Luxury SUV legacy, Lexus has spruced up the RX inside and out.

Based on Lexus’ signature design, the 2020 RX has refreshed sculpted front and rear bumpers, the unmistakable spindle grille,  connected rocker panels to the bottom of the grille, rear fender is linked to the bumper, then there’s a muffler and underbody shield. For the headlights, Lexus has included ultra slim lights to give the front a sheer sharp look.

As a premium SUV, the cabin has been refurbished with 2 seating positions on the third-row seats. In addition to the traditional seating position, even more leg space can be had with the new setting when the situation demands it. The second-row seats of the three-row model have been reconfigured to include a Captain Seat.

On top of that, the 2020 RX features a new touch-display screen in addition to the Lexus-original remote touch interface (which changes from controller-type to trackpad-type). The touchscreen enables easy connectivity to all smart devices and acts as a multimedia center.

One of the biggest changes to 2020 RX is the significant enhancements that contribute to driving pleasure resulting from changes to the suspension and increased body rigidity. Speaking of body rigidity, the new RX get Laser Screw Welding (LSW) and spot welding, along with the increased use of high-strength adhesives. In combination with the stiffening of stabilizer bars (now hollow and 1mm wider) and enhanced hub rigidity, the result is a more immediate response to steering inputs.

To further improve on driving dynamics, the RX 2020 has Active Cornering Assist (ACA) and redesigned shock absorbers with Friction Control Device. Also included is the latest version of Lexus Safety System +, featuring advanced safety and accident prevention technologies. Main features of Lexus Safety System + are Pre-Collision and Adaptive High-beam systems.

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