Goodyear showcases a wave of the future and the New Eagle F1 SuperSport range

Goodyear showcases a wave of the future and the New Eagle F1 SuperSport range

At the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear Tyre company presented several innovations to visitors of the world’s largest motor show.

The Goodyear AERO Concept gave the world a first glimpse of autonomous flying car.  Geneva was also the scene for the premiere of the Eagle F1 SuperSport range and a restored Golden Sahara II, the first autonomous vehicle from 50s and 60s.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport range

The Eagle F1 by Goodyear has been a world-renowned tyre, recognized by performance car enthusiasts and of course, via Goodyear’s active years in Formula 1.

The Eagle F1 SuperSport draws on Goodyear’s racing experience to provide superior grip and handling. The tyre is unique as it caters to responsive directional changes, thanks to stiff tread ribs and a closed outside pattern, used on the tyre’s shoulder to offer control during load transfers in corners.

The tyre’s impressive traits include a super-stiff sidewall design and a multi-compound combination (dry-optimized outer sections paired with three wet-optimized central segments).

At the top of the Eagle F1 SuperSport range is the Eagle F1 SuperSport RS, Goodyear’s most race-focused tyre, designed to push the limit on track while remaining road legal. A highly specialised racing-originated compound provides ultimate grip and performance levels in dry conditions.

On the other hand, the Eagle F1 SuperSport R gives optimum grip and steering precision on and off track. At the same time, the excellent cornering stability is ensured by bridges in the tread pattern’s inner groove reducing deformation of tread blocks under extreme cornering forces. Additionally, steering precision and feedback have also been further enhanced by optimizing the tyre’s footprint for more consistent pressure distribution.

Golden Sahara II decked in see-through tyres

In collaboration with Klairmont Kollections, Goodyear unveiled the restored Golden Sahara II. This is an iconic custom car of the 1950s and 60s, the Golden Sahara II was one of the first concepts of autonomous vehicles and was fitted with glowing, see-through tyres by Goodyear.

The tyre is made using Neothane, a translucent form of synthetic rubber and contained internal lighting, which allowed them to glow. This was part of broader research by Goodyear into the feasibility of tyres that could help improve visibility in bad weather conditions or be wired to light up when a driver hit the brakes.

Goodyear AERO Concept: A vision into the future

The Goodyear AERO concept is a two-in-one tyre designed for the autonomous, flying cars of the future. This concept would work both as a tyre for driving on the road and a “propeller” for flying through the sky.

The AERO Concept takes up these innovations: multimodal tilt-rotor concept, non-pneumatic structure, magnetic propulsion. optical sensing and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

While the AERO is a purely conceptual design, some of its featured technologies, such as a non-pneumatic structure and intelligent tyre capabilities, are being developed by Goodyear today, while others might become the basis for new ideas and potentially new products in the future.

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