Graphite and Spoiler Plus Wipers

spoiler-plus-wipers BOSCH Windshield Wipers
The Graphite Plus and Spoiler Plus wiper blades offer exceptional quality, innovation, safety and genuine value for money.

Graphite and Spoiler Plus Wipers
• Aero-dynamic wind flow spoiler bracket ensures premium wiping performance even at higher speeds
• Graphite coating on the wiper blade reduces friction and facilitates smooth and quiet operation
• Full galvanized steel frame construction for lasting performance
• Blade replacement in just seconds: The “Quick-Clip” universal adapter allows your customers to install wiper blades without extended searching and fumbling. The pre-installed Quick-Clip fits every wiper arm to provide safety in seconds.
All Bosch Graphite & Spoiler Plus wipers are available at Bosch outlets and certified agents.

RP: RM 60 standard type/model*
*Depending on car variants