Honda 3S Center gets Green Building Index recognition for showroom with environment-friendly features

Honda’s new 3S Center ran by Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) has been certified by Green Building Index (GBI). This Honda 3S center is the first car showroom in the country to gain the GBI certification.

GBI is a green rating tool for buildings that is recognized by the industry in the country, aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues and promoting sustainability in the environment. With that in mind, Honda’s dealership Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) has taken the initiative to be the first dealership to extend this green technology undertaking into the showroom and service center.

At an investment of RM 15 million, the new Honda 3S Center was specially designed with environmental friendly features that make use of natural resources efficiently, which will help in waste minimization, energy saving and reduce water usage. The unprecedented developments will enable the building to incorporate and achieve the requirements such as: glass roof, LED lighting with motion sensor, natural ventilation, and potable offset and water closet flush.

The large glass roof captures 60% natural daylight through openings and skylights. While, the Zonal LED lighting with motion sensors enable power savings and usage reduction. The showroom also has natural ventilation through stack and cross ventilation in the workshop area.

In addition, the showroom uses 100% potable offset for landscape and Water Closet (WC) flushing. The expected rainwater harvested annually is equivalent to 49% of total potable water demand of the showroom.

GBI certification

With these environmental friendly features, the showroom complies with the criterion of the GBI rating system, which was based on the design assessment of the building in terms of Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environment Quality, Materials and Resources, Sustainable Site Planning and Management, Water Efficiency and Innovation.

The Honda 3S Center by Ban Hoe Seng Auto is built on a 2-acre land. This showroom houses 19 bays, comprising 14 general service bays, 4 repair bays and 1 tyre alignment bay. Combined, the showroom can cater up to 60 cars per day. Some of amenities available at the showroom are customer lounges, free Wi-Fi, kid’s corner and F&B.

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