New Honda Civic Type R is in the House

Honda Malaysia has unleashed the much anticipated New Civic Type R, available at dealerships in the country. After an extensive publicity around the globe, the Civic Type R finally made it to Malaysia.

If you haven’t already heard of the Civic Type R, you’re probably not a motoring enthusiast or a car person. Well, the Civic Type R needs little introduction, it broke the front-wheel drive production car record at the Nurburgring in a time of 7:43.80.

The Civic Type R has been as iconic as the NSX in Honda’s reputable line-up of fastest production cars.  New for the year, the Civic Type R has enhanced aerodynamics that gives greater performance and that race car-like stability. It is also a recommended daily car, if you have a stronger lumbar that a normal person…

The hot hatch Honda has a body that defines racing perfection. With a low and wide stance, the air curtain at the front bumper, side sill flick up and wing cross section of the rear wing gives excellent high speed dynamic performance. It was developed with the most ambitious design of Civic Hatchback platform with high rigidity body frame and an increase of 38% in torsional stiffness compared to previous generation (European market) Type R. The new Civic Type R is an ultimate representation of the racing spirit of Honda that is embodied in Honda’s DNA.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R is equipped with 2.0-liter VTEC Turbocharged engine that offers 310PS and a maximum torque of 400 Nm.  The high performance engine is mated with 6-Speed Manual Transmission that delivers exhilarating fun and engaging driver experience. Quite obviously, an auto transmission would be redundant here.

The new Civic Type R comes with 3-Way Driving Modes (Comfort, Sport and +R) which allow drivers to set their preferred driving mode to experience different dynamic performance in different driving environment, be it on the road or on track. The 3-Way Driving Modes control the Adaptive Damper System (ADS), Drive-by-Wire throttle (DBW), Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), traction and brake system.

With the improvement of cornering performance in mind, the new Civic Type R’s 20 inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels was designed for aggressive and high speed performance. Despite the powerful performance of the 2017 Civic Type R, it comes with highly responsive and durable braking system. It is well-fitted with high performance Brembo brakes to achieve superior braking performance. A cooling duct at the front bumper opening introduces fresh air, enabling efficient air cooling and greatly improving braking performance at high speed.

The 2017 Civic Type R model for Malaysian market is manufactured at Honda’s Swindon, United Kingdom plant with the engine being produced in Anna, Ohio (Honda of America Manufacturing Inc).






Catch a glimpse of the new Civic Type R at the weekend’s Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit or at selected dealerships (see below) from 1 October.

Honda Sport Dealers

1 Central Autoworld Asia Sdn Bhd
2 Central Botanic Auto Mall Sdn Bhd
3 Central Global Amity Sdn Bhd (Bangi)
4 Central Kah Motor Co Sdn Bhd – Selayang
5 Central Sri Utama Auto Sdn Bhd
6 Central USJ Car Express Sdn Bhd
7 Central MH Prestige Auto Sdn Bhd
8 Central Peringgit Sri Motor Sdn Bhd
9 Central Tenaga Setia Resources Sdn Bhd
10 Central The Millenium Auto Carriage
11 East Coast Chuan Thye Motor Sdn Bhd
12 East Coast Syarikat Tan Eng Ann Sd Bhd
13 East Malaysia Syarikat Labuan Automobile Sdn Bhd
14 Northern Ban Hoe Seng (Auto) Sdn Bhd
15 Northern Formula Venture Sdn Bhd
16 Northern Kah Motor Co Sdn Bhd – Sg Pinang
17 Northern Lee Motor SP (Car Div) Sdn Bhd
18 Northern Yooi Cars Sdn Bhd
19 Southern Ban Lee Heng Motor Sdn Bhd (Seremban)
20 Southern Syarikat Motor GS Tay Sdn Bhd
21 Southern Yong Ming Motor Sdn Bhd

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