Honda’s barrage of EVs impress crowd at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda is one of the largest exhibitors at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show with its line-ups of autos, motorcycles, power products and business jets. This year’s theme gave Honda the opportunity to showcase on various technologies and products which will contribute toward the realization of a carbon-free society. Hence, Honda has been expanding the lineup of hybrid vehicles and intends to continue to strengthen hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EV models into the future.

The list of Honda’s exhibits at the ongoing Tokyo show is led by a wave of EVs, latest Plug-ins and current models. The Honda Sports EV Concept world premiered at the show to present a concept model that combines EV and AI in a compact body. Then there’s the Urban EV Concept, built on a newly-developed dedicated EV platform. The Honda Urban EV Concept is a concept model which indicates the technology and design directions for Honda’s future mass-production EV models. A new model based on this concept will go on sale first in Europe, and then in Japan in 2020. Another EV concept is the NeuV, which marries automated driving with AI.

The Clarity PHEV is based on the Honda Sport Hybrid i-MMD, the output and capacity of the battery were increased, and the EV range of more than 100 km was made possible. The Clarity PHEV, a new-generation plug-in hybrid model, features an exterior form with low vehicle height, spacious cabin that seats 5 adults and a large-capacity cargo area. The Clarity PHEV is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in summer 2018.

One of the current models that takes center stage at the Tokyo show is none other than the New CR-V. Sold in more than 160 countries, the CR-V now has a hybrid variant, for the first time. The variant is equipped with Honda’s original “SPORT HYBRID i-MMD” two-motor hybrid system, which will be available in front-wheel drive and 4WD variants. A 3-row seating type will be added to the lineup of the gasoline model. The new CR-V is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2018.

Finally, Honda’s automotive exhibits are rounded off by the RoboCars concept. The Robocars concept is a small-sized electric mobility product created to make people’s desires come true. Different types of carrying space with a canopy can be freely combined with a compact-sized vehicle body base which has a driving function.

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