Infiniti Q30 marks the marque’s entry into the Premium Compact segment

Infiniti-Q30 Active Compact Infiniti has just announced the Q30 Active Compact to appease a new type of consumer. The new Q30 represents Infiniti’s first global entry into the fast-growing premium compact segment.

The Infiniti Q30 Compact is designed for a new generation of buyers not willing to be defined or restricted by their choice of brand or vehicle type. The Q30 challenges convention with its bold character and daring shape, and the Active compact stays true to the signature design cues from the original 2013 concept. It blends coupe-like styling with an elevated yet dynamic stance, without any compromises to the packaging and comfort. This is a car that challenges the norm within the premium segment.

The Q30 exemplifies Infiniti’s design-led, customer-centric approach. The development teams behind the Q30 have taken a holistic approach to its engineering, presenting a car that offers a secure, ‘in-command’ drive, precise handling and a high degree of comfort and refinement.

No element of the Q30 has been engineered in isolation, resulting in a complete and rewarding driving experience. It feels comfortable yet ‘ready to go anywhere’ thanks to its versatile dimensions, confident dynamics, exceptional ride and handling, and a range of intuitive technologies. Compared with conventional premium compact variants, it also confers a greater sense of security thanks to the elevated seating position.

In addition to the Q30, available in SE, Premium or Premium Tech, customers can choose the Q30 Sport. The Q30 and Q30 Sport each have their own unique personality, including design and dimensions. Notably, the Q30 Sport version (at 1,475mm) sits 15mm lower than the Q30. Driving performance will also be differentiated, thanks to individual suspensions settings and distinctive ride and handling characteristics, offering premium compact buyers a choice that is specific to their personal needs and preferences.

The launch of the Q30 active compact comes at a moment of significant opportunity for the Infiniti brand, and will play a vital role in global growth and strengthening of its presence in key sales regions.

Infiniti sold a record 154,600 new vehicles worldwide during the first nine months of the year, representing an increase of 16% compared to the same period of last year. The brand also set records in China, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Infiniti-Q30 line-upInfiniti-Q30 front 3/4Infiniti-Q30 front 3/4Infiniti-Q30 frontInfiniti-Q30 profileInfiniti-Q30 interior

Edited: Infiniti

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