Isuzu Malaysia garners the top rank for truck sales

 allcarschannel Isuzu Malaysia today announced that they have taken over the top flight of the Commercial Truck category’s sales chart. Spearheaded by the Isuzu N-Series and F-Series trucks, Isuzu topped the country’s truck sales with 5,766 units as at the end of December 2013.

The Isuzu N-Series garners the best-selling recognition for a fourth consecutive year, while the F-Series trucks surprisingly topped the medium-duty segment in only its first full year of sales since its introduction in the middle of 2012, growing by over 60% to 566 units.

CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Kimitoshi Kurokawa attributed the packed features of every Isuzu product, their dependable performance and the strong after-sales support from the authorized Isuzu network for the brand’s encouraging demand.

“Isuzu products have always stood apart for their exceptional build quality, reliability, dependability and of course fuel efficiency. These key features matter highly to truck operators who place an emphasis on getting the job done on time, every time. It also helps that Isuzu products also offer lower running costs through its superior fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, translating to more profitable operations for our customers,” Kurokawa reiterated.

He added, “Our dealership network strategically located in all the key market areas also offer quick and comprehensive services to keep our customers on the road where they can maximize their productivity.”

The Isuzu N-Series, comprises the versatile NKR that has been an exceptional truck particularly in urban and rural areas, the larger NPR that makes light work of larger loads and the recently-launched highly capable and powerful 4×4 NPS.

Both the NKR and NPR are also offered with Euro 2 engine variants, providing more robust power and torque delivery, as well as more efficient load hauling, particularly over hilly terrain.

The F-Series comprising the FTR and FVR has been particularly popular for its renowned hauling and is in high demand to perform duties ranging from compactors to refrigerated trucks. The FVR in particular has been very much the choice for long-haul trucking due to its impressive fuel efficiency that significantly reduces cost-per-mile outlay.

To further ensure that customers enjoy the most comprehensive support and the ideal choice of vehicles for their requirements, Isuzu M’sia will focus on enhancing its dealer network through various efforts to ensure timely and convenient support.

Edited: Isuzu M’sia

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