Limited Edition Honda Civic Type R smashes lap record at Suzuka Circuit

The Honda Civic Type R has yet another edition, this time it’s the Civic Type R Limited Edition. Dubbed the most extreme Type R on the face of the planet, the Civic has obliterated the track record at the famous Suzuka Circuit with a lap time of 2:23.993 seconds. This new lap record is accomplished with a front-wheel drive.

The 5.8-kilometer Suzuka track doesn’t need an introduction. Only the best drivers dare to tackle the track for a lap record, challenging high-speed chicanes and sharp corners. The track’s figure 8 layout features the renowned ‘spoon’ curve, the slowest chicane of the track where you need maximum braking and a chicane cutting maneuver to get up to speed again.

Suzuka circuit is renowned amongst F1 and world race series circles. The track has been an important test bed for developing performance Honda vehicles and engines since 1962. It was built on the instruction of company founder and president, Soichiro Honda, who famously said: “Automobiles cannot be improved if they are not put through their paces on the racing circuit.”

The Civic Type R Limited Edition

Developed by Honda Racing Development, the Civic Type R Limited Edition recently broke the best lap record at the famous Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The new Type R Limited Edition is fitted with lightweight components, plus upgraded suspension and steering setup.

In looks, the Type R Ltd Ed. takes a Sunlight Yellow body hue with an exclusive dark chrome Civic badge at the rear and a contrasting gloss black roof. The wing mirrors feature Gloss black and there’s an intake vent on the bonnet. Lightweight 20-inch BBS forged wheels play a part in the car’s overall kerb weight, with a reduction of up to 10 kilograms.

The inside of the Type R Ltd Ed. really only has a red bucket seat with built number insignia, Alcantara wrapped steering and teardrop style gear knob. Everything else has been stripped away for weight reduction purposes.

In addition, the car comes with new tyres and wheels and plenty of lightweight components. First, the modified dampers that work with a recalibrated steering and Adaptive Damper System to give the driver more control and improved damper reactions for both better handling response and ride quality. Second, the improvement of load control performance means a reduction in overall braking time and exceptional high-speed cornering performance, specifically enabling vital speed to be carried though the challenging ‘corners.

When it comes to grip, this Type R edition has increased braking performance with exceptional grip from Michelin Cup2 tyres to with an upgraded braking system, with two-piece floating front brake discs and new brake pads.

The new Limited Edition model retains the Type R’s powerful 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine. peak power output is 320PS at 6,500 rpm and peak torque is 400 Nm from 2,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. A 0-100 km/h dash takes just 5.7 seconds. Thanks to a more effective engine cooling, the Type R Limited Edition becomes an extreme track car.

The Civic Type R Limited Edition is on sale only for the European market at a quantity of just 100 units. Each Type R Ltd Ed. Is derived from the standard Type R’s driving dynamics and performance.

In addition to the new Limited Edition, the Civic Type R range has been extended to include a Sport Line variant that combines performance with a stealthier design and increased comfort. All models in the new Type R line-up, including the standard GT, have been upgraded for 2020.

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