Mazda Malaysia introduces Privilege Card

A long while ago, Mazda Malaysia (Bermaz Motor) has provided a privilege card along with the ownership of a Mazda. Back in 2009, the Mazda privilege card was tagged with plenty of Berjaya Corporation’s companies’ benefits; either major discounts or very attractive offers. However, a year into the program, Berjaya and Mazda Malaysia decided to cease the privilege card and all the benefits that came with it.

Fast forward to this year, Mazda Malaysia has decided to revive the privilege card for owners. As announced today, the Mazda privilege card offers 15% discount on Genuine spare parts, 5% discount on labor cost and 15% discount on official merchandise.  Although not as beneficial as the previous Berjaya-Mazda privilege card, the new privilege card is indeed a welcome effort to aid the costs of usually pricey Mazda spare parts and labor costs.  This new privilege card is part of the company’s efforts to improve the Mazda Peaceful Ownership Program. Mazda Malaysia claims this is the first of its kind in the industry.

On top of being the latest addition to the Mazda Peaceful Ownership Program, the Mazda privilege card is also designed to aid those who are less fortunate through Bermaz’s CSR program, Mazda Medicare Fund. The sign-up fee of RM 100.00, for a validity of 3 years, will serve as a tax-exempted donation to the Mazda Medicare Fund in the name of the applicant. Mazda Medicare Fund, established in 2014, has raised more than RM 900,000.00 to assist charity homes, dialysis patients, and a non-profit hospital.

Cardholders are rewarded with rebates on aftersales services required beyond Bermaz’s 5-year Manufacturing Warranty and 3-year free maintenance package provision. Any Mazda vehicle purchased within Malaysia is eligible to apply for a Mazda privilege card. Benefits of card issued will be exclusive to the Mazda vehicle that it is registered to.


Currently, the card can only be used at showrooms and aftersales service centers operated by Bermaz Motor Trading and Prima Merdu. Bermaz plans to expand the use of privilege card to include all outlets nationwide in the near future.

For more information on the Mazda privilege card and a list of participating outlets please visit

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