Metzeler Extreme Off-Road Tyres

Metzeler Extreme Yamaha-1 German tyre manufacturer Metzeler has just announced the new Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme compound, which has been selected by Yamaha as the OEM brand to fit the new WR450F off-road motorcycle in 90/90 – 21 M / C 54M M + S front and 130/90 – 18 M / C 69M M + S rear sizes.

The MCE 6 DAYS Extreme is an enduro FIM homologated tyre for competition, with which the brand with an elephant logo has won 26 titles in the Enduro Championship, in just eleven years.

The involvement of Metzeler in Enduro has been successful since 1935. Complying with FIM regulations, MCE 6 Days Extreme was developed with factory riders as the ideal solution to take advantage of the benefits offered by current high-performing motorcycles that are dominating the most important international championships.

The involvement in the Enduro championship, which requires the highest performances in term of traction, resistance and durability, as well as the feedback from the riders, is the main source of technical development and engineering output for the MCE 6 Days Extreme.

All this has contributed in strengthening the involvement of the German brand in the off-road segment, highlighting the reliability and high performance of its tyres and further reinforcing Metzeler’s winning heritage.

Regarding the compounds, the MCE 6 DaysS Extreme uses a high performance Carbon Black to reinforce the structure of the knobs in such a way that, especially at high temperatures reached in racing, the tread is more stable, ensuring better accuracy and trajectory, giving better grip both on dry and slippery surfaces. An ad-hoc design of polymers allows a better resistance to abrasion, cuts and tears so as to have a tyre in perfect condition on all terrains.

Enduro competitions require the motorcycles to adapt to different terrains, therefore versatility of the tyres is a must. Thanks to the use of a casing with Polyester material with high strength and X-Ply construction, the MCE 6 Days Extreme boasts superior structural characteristics and an overall improvement of stiffness that results in an increase of shock absorbing properties and structural stability. For the rider, this means more predictable feedback from the tyre, enhancing control over the motorcycle in all conditions. The balance between rigidity and overall flexibility of the polyester provides excellent resistance to puncturing, especially on rocky terrain where tyre pressure is often lower than normal.

MCE 6 Days Extreme enjoys a particularly smooth contour design of the rear tyre, ensuring great traction and enhanced tread-wearing resistance thanks to a wide contact patch area that has more knobs at every lean angle for better digging into the terrain and reducing the specific stresses.

Regarding the tread pattern design, the front tyre presents in the central pitch, knobs with wide open spacing so that they enhance self cleaning properties allowing the tyre to effectively dig into soft terrain. The knobs also have a V distribution on the tread from the center to the sides plus a specific asymmetrical design of the center knobs for maximum precision in straight riding with enhanced braking stability.

The sharp edges of half shoulder knobs have a directional design to improve the stability and control at turns on any lean angle. The rear tyre has an alternate knob geometry central pitch design which ensures high traction thanks to the larger knobs with rolling continuity on straight line riding with the presence of mid-size knobs. The rear also features a specific alignment of knob distribution from the center to the sides on a diagonal line so as to ensure maximum lateral support when cornering on any terrain. Furthermore, the geometry and alignment of the half shoulder knobs offer a greater control of the machine whilst pushing forward and powering out of the corners. This offers a better overall response to forces and obstructions.

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Complied by: Philip Chong

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