MV Agusta unveils Road-Replica F3 Bike in 675 and 800 configurations

MV-Agusta-biike A road-going replica of the MV Agusta F3 by Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti hot from the Schiranna Reparto Corse. The bike, produced in a limited edition of 350, is available with the 675 WSS cylinder capacity or the meatier 800 track day version.

Finished in the company’s trademark tri-colored paint scheme with graphics identical to the WSS machines, every RC is autographed by both Cluzel and Zanetti; a total of 100 bikes will be produced with the 675cc engine, and 250 units for the 800cc version. Additional details distinguish the RC from the standard machines, with aluminum cover sets replacing the mirrors, upgraded Ergal clutch and brake levers with anti-break joints, a billet aluminum license plate holder, a seat tail cover and Ergal footrests. A rear stand and canvas cover are provided, and each bike comes with a plate certifying its authenticity.

The MV Agusta F3 RC’s engine is unique in the automotive circle and is regarded as the most advanced and powerful mid-sized power unit ever built. It is an in-line unit with three cylinders tilted 35° to the front with double overhead camshaft timing system, with four valves per cylinder, all titanium.

The ultra-light unit – it weighs only 52 kg, is packed with radical technological features such as a closed deck shell-cast crankcase with integral bores, the MVICS system and the adoption of titanium intake and exhaust valves, slipper clutch and above all a counter-rotating crankshaft, an idea taken from MotoGP to reduce inertia during direction changes – improving handling and engine balance.

Its distinctive features include integral water and oil circuits: the pump unit (water and oil) is fully enclosed by the engine and the ducts are all routed inside, contributing to the beautifully uncluttered looks of the most powerful Italian three-cylinder unit ever.
The two engine sizes, 675cc and 800cc are over-square units in the configuration type-approved for the WSS, as may be inferred from a bore of no less than 79 mm with a stroke of just 45.9; it is capable of a mighty 128 hp at 14,500 rpm and a torque of 71 Nm at 10,600 rpm This category-topping performance is combined with great torque and a four-cylinder extension with the limiter set at 15,000 actual revolutions.

The 800cc version (actual capacity 798cc) keeps the same bore of 675 with a longer stroke, which increases from 45.9 mm to 54.3 mm. The increase in cubic capacity brings with it a net gain of 20 HP, achieving a maximum power output of 148 HP at 13,000 rpm, with torque standing at 88 Nm at 10.600 rpm. The limiter is set to cut in at 13,500 rpm.

The higher horsepower made it possible to fit a longer final ratio, which increases from 16/43 on the 675 to 17/41 on the 800, which is capable of 270 km/h, while the smaller 675 stops at 260 km/h.

The MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform combines fully electronic management of the accelerator and throttle body with traction control. The MVICS platform is all about Full Ride By Wire technology: the system allows the ideal throttle body opening value to be defined instant by instant, unlinking that value from the throttle’s angular rotation.

The MVICS offers a multi-map approach, with three modes defined by MV Agusta and one fully customizable by riders, who can combine the available parameters to achieve their ideal power delivery. The traction control system uses the same operating criteria as the highly-regarded F3 675 system, with eight settings that can be conveniently selected via handlebar controls and the compact, fully digital instrumentation.

MV-Agusta-bike-2   MV-Agusta-bike-3

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