New Nissan GT-R NISMO World Premiere

The Nissan GT-R in NISMO guise has had another upgrade for 2020. Displayed at the New York Auto Show, the 2020 GT-R NISMO along with the 50th Anniversary Edition share the limelight to observe…you guessed it, 50 years of the GT-R heritage.

As with the GT-R R32, R33 and the amazing R34, the R35 is designed for a pro and built for everyone. In other words, the iconic car is suitable for drivers of all skill levels.

In a quest to make the GT-R lighter than previous editions, carbon fiber is the main fixture from the front bumper to the rear spoiler. Nissan revealed that a total weight of 10.5 kg has been shaved off the gross weight. New stuff they included with the 2020 GT-R include a fresh GT3 GT-R front fender, new RAYS 20-incn 9-spoke wheels, specially-developed Dunlop tyres, scallop-typed vents to aid air flow and  lightweight, tight weave roof. Additionally, they improve aerodynamics by smoothing out airflow along the body, with special consideration given to avoiding the rear spoiler, promoting high-speed stability. Lastly, a revised titanium exhaust with handcrafted burnished blue gives more ‘’zing”.

Interior-wise, the GT-R NISMO’s been given tighter seats for body hugging purposes, to emulate bucket seats with six-point harness.

The 2020 GT-R NISMO is powered by a 3.8-liter V6 bi-turbo, which features an exclusive turbocharger design, direct from the GT-R GT3 race car, with a modified turbine shape and fewer blades. This optimizes the flow rate and enhances the acceleration response by 20%, without a loss of horsepower. The transmission comprises a revised 6-speed dual-clutch transmission with a refined “R mode”. R isn’t Reverse folks, it gives better acceleration especially when exiting corners as well as enhances the feeling of acceleration and deceleration on both road and track. The adaptive shift control has also been programmed to adapt shift schedules to the user’s driving style.

2020 NISSAN GT-R NISMO Suspension

When it comes to handling, the 2020 GT-R NISMO has few equals. Its updated suspension tuning improves cornering stability, with enhanced yaw rate response and smoother ride quality. The steering features better linearity and precision than ever, requiring minimal corrections at speeds of up to 300 kph (186 mph).

The absolute performance theme is also fittingly reflected by the addition of a carbon ceramic brake system. The combination of the Brembo carbon ceramic rotors (410 mm up front and 390 mm at the rear) and Brembo calipers significantly improve reaction time, durability and overall stopping performance. At the same time, their lightweight nature decreases the unsprung weight on each wheel, allowing the car to trace the intended driving line in a highly precise manner. The carbon and silica carbide structure of the rotors is nearly as hard as diamonds. When paired with the new material of the brake pads, they generate more friction for an enhanced controlled feeling in all types of braking situations.

The new materials also help decrease braking footwork by shortening the brake pedal stroke. The newly developed high-rigidity calipers are dipped in bright yellow paint that can resist temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.

2020 NISSAN GT-R NISMO specifications (U.S. spec)
Engine VR38DETT, V6 twin-turbo charged DOHC
Displacement 3.8L
Horsepower 600 hp
Torque 652 Nm /3600-5600 rpm
Overall length 4690 mm
Overall width 1895 mm
Overall height 1370 mm
Wheelbase 2780 mm

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