Nippon Paint initiates 2015/16 Automotive Color Trend

 Nippon Paint introduces new Auto paint range; Alex Yoong and Ong Nippon Paint Malaysia last week held a special showcase of its latest colors for automobiles, entitled the Automotive Color Trend Showcase 2015/16. Nippon Paint also introduced the Nax Crystal 9905 with patented CyGLAZ technology. The special showcase was held at its headquarters at Taman Perindustrian Subang Utama in Shah Alam.

Aside from automotive paint, Nippon Paint’s diverse product segments include Architectural Coatings, Heavy Duty, Industrial use and Marine paint. Since 2005, Nippon Paint has overtaken its nearest competitor to be the industry’s leading paint brand in the country. The paint company has an active role in the automotive market, namely in the OEM manufacturer and REM auto refinish categories, since 1970. In the 80s, Nippon Paint was the first supplier to introduce Pearl effect (3C 2B) automotive paint in the industry. Today, Nippon Paint supplies to top marques in the domestic and global markets such as Perodua, Proton, Inokom, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Chery, Mitsubishi, Hino, Peugeot and Isuzu, just to name a few. Additionally, the company supplies paint to the several brands of the automotive after market and domestic OEM motorcycle marques.

As the Paint Expert, Nippon Paint provided an insight into the evolution of the country’s automotive exterior paint system. In the early 70s, mono-coat with solid finish was commonly utilized until the metallic finish came about in the late 70s. The 80s saw the influx of the two coats and bake metallic finish, as well as 3 coats and double bake pearl finish. From 2002, three coats and bake metallic finish was a popular choice amongst the manufacturers. Fast forward to 2014, water-borned three coats and bake with metallic finish became the favorite for most major auto marques.

This year, Nippon Paint is actively pursuing the introduction of automotive trend colors. The latest Automotive color line-up consists of 40 new supporting colors that are used by some of the leading marques in the country and around the globe. Nippon Paint has derived the new automotive colors based on the Asian Industry professionals’ trending decorative colors palette, which was picked at the last year’s Asia Pacific Chromazone Color Forecasting workshop. Thereafter, the selection became the first Palette for Asia and subsequently combined into Nippon Paint’s inaugural ‘Trend Beyond Colors’ campaign. Nippon Paint forecasts that the trending colors are bound to be the favorite automotive color choices for the next 24 months.

Available in multiple finishes including; metallic, pearl and solid, the 40 trending automotive colors sit within three palette categories. The three palette categories; ‘Just Me’, ‘Sacred Love’ and ‘Revo-Evolution’; represent the evolving socio-ecological consciousness sweeping across Asia. The ‘Just Me’ theme represents individualism and is ideal for compact cars, while ‘Sacred Love’ resonates the user’s love for nature and appeals to hybrid cars. On the other hand, ‘Revo-Evolution’ reflects the era of transition and is accompanied well with MPVs and Sedans. Furthermore, Nippon Paint offers a complete range of Automotive Refinish from Putty, to Primer, to Basecoats and Topcoats that are marketed under the brand name ‘Nippon Paint Nax Premila 2K’.

As part of the Automotive Color Trend initiative, Nippon Paint provided a demonstration on its new Nax Crystal 9905 with CyGLAZ technology. The Nippon Paint Nax Crystal 9905 provides an armor-like protection and glossy finish, amplified with the excellent properties made possible with breakthrough CyGLAZ technology, ensuring a tough, truly beautiful and lasting finish for one’s car.

With CyGLAZ technology, Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings are poised to set a new standard for the future of automotive coating solutions with its scratch and chemical resistant, hi-gloss finish and long lasting shine as well as its self-healing properties.

Alex Yoong, Assistant General Manager-Marketing of Nippon Paint Malaysia, remarked, “At Nippon Paint, we understand that consumers like to have personality traits reflected on the vehicles we drive, and of the most effective ways of doing this is through color.”

“As such, through our Re:Think, Re:Create philosophy sparked our Trend Beyond Colors and Automotive Color Trend Showcase initiative, where we strive to create an avenue for end-users to fully immerse themselves in the up-coming-trends, making it easier for vehicle owners to truly express themselves through color,” he added.

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