Nissan-Legoland Safety Campaign runs its third edition

Nissan Legoland Driving school Nissan Malaysia (ETCM) has initiated another of their very own road safety campaign; this time the annual safety campaign is bound for the Legoland Resort. Nissan’s safety campaign is ran with the intentions of engaging customers in raising safety awareness and enhancing essential road safety skills and knowledge for children, even adults.

With the announcement of the 2016 Safety campaign, Nissan Malaysia continues the much sought after safety driving tips for minors, via two of its much sought after modules: Kids Safety Carnival ‘My First Safety Program with Nissan’ and Safety Driving Experience.

Nissan M’sia is collaborating with Legoland Resort for the third straight year as its corporate partner. Both companies share the belief to teach Malaysian children, the future drivers about road safety skills. The Legoland Resort venue presents a viable condition and environment for children to experience hands-on experience on learning, through fun and interactive activities. Furthermore, Legoland Resort has been one of the preferred venues by corporations in the country for various corporate activities and such. Nissan M’sia has discovered that Legoland resort is the most viable venue for their CSR activities. More importantly, the Nissan-Legoland annual safety program aims to teach children to be safe on the roads through the Driving Schools.

Aside from the driving schools, the Kids Safety Carnival aims to provide valuable tips and advice on road safety. It focuses on educating both parents and children about road safety awareness by teaching traffic rules, to respect and obey them, and also to observe the traffic around them to avoid accidents as well as being safe in and out of the car. Exclusively for this year, parents are engaged in their kids’ learning by participating together in the modules. The workshop also offers a hands-on wheels session at the Nissan Legoland Driving School where children were given the opportunity to drive in a true-to-life traffic circuit where they have to steer pass several road signages, traffic lights and other drivers, in order to qualify for their very own personalized Nissan Legoland driving school’s license.

Nissan Legoland safety program_2Nissan Legoland safety program

Christopher Tan, Sales and Marketing Director in his address to the participants, “We have received overwhelming response and continuous support from our valued customers in our past campaigns, and Nissan M’sia is delighted to continue to hold the Nissan Safety Campaign for another year and so reinforce our relationships with our customers; creating a sense of belonging to our Nissan family. The safety of our customers and their families are very important to us, and with the increase number of road mishaps involving children, it is important that safety skills are well communicated through a fun and interactive way to encourage learning. After all, our younger generation is literally driving the future.”

Nissan M’sia intends to bring the Kids safety carnival to customers throughout the country, followed by the Safety driving program. The venues for each of the workshops have been tentatively set up at several hotspots in the country.

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