Nissan Rogue Warrior takes to the mountain

Nissan Rogue Warrior_8 Just in time for the first major snowfall of the season in many parts of Canada, Nissan has released a new clip of an extreme prototype designed especially for the harsh Canadian winter, the Rogue Warrior. In the short clip, the Rogue Warrior , a standard Nissan Rogue fitted with snow tracks, shows its potential as it easily plunges through 40 centimeters of snow and swiftly climbing up a 30 degree incline at a ski resort in northern Quebec, Montreal.

The video chronicles a group of impatient skiiers and snowboarders waiting for a slow-moving chairlift. A perceptive snowboarder waiting in line notices the frustration of the group and makes an exit. He returns behind the wheel of the Rogue Warrior, and proceeds to transport the group up the steep, snow-blanketed hill with ease.

The skiiers and snowboarders make their descent upon the hill, and at the bottom greet their driver, 2015 Nissan Micra Cup Champion and recipient of the Gilles-Villeneuve Trophy, Olivier Bédard.

In the automotive industry, it’s the norm to develop a prototype and show it to the world through photos or a static Auto show display, but with the Rogue Warrior, Nissan had to do something more.

When the all-wheel drive system on the Rogue and Nissan’s advanced Xtronic transmission are put through its pace on the snow tracks, it results in something spectacular; a Rogue capable of overcoming severe, off-road winter conditions. The clip shows an entertaining side of the brand and vehicle’s persona and does justice to the very able capabilities of the Rogue Warrior, an idea developed and executed entirely in Montreal, Canada.

The Rogue Warrior is Nissan’s number one-selling variant in Canada. For the clip footage, the Nissan Rogue Warrior takes on heavy-duty snow tracks measuring 30-inch/76 cm in height, 48-inch/122 cm in length and  15-inch/38 cm individual track width.

Nissan Rogue Warrior is specifically designed to handle snowy conditions. It is capable of driving up to 100km/h, scaling a 45 degree grade in groomed snow, thanks to a ground clearance of 23-inch (58cm).

Nissan Rogue Warrior_9Nissan Rogue Warrior_2Nissan Rogue Warrior_3Nissan Rogue Warrior_4Nissan Rogue Warrior_5Nissan Rogue Warrior_6Nissan Rogue Warrior_7

Edited: Nissan North America

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