Welcome to the one-of-a-kind Citroën Dealership at La Maison Citroën

Citroën is setting up its urban dealership concept, “La Maison Citroën”, for an initial test in Paris. The dealership concept was conceived from the concept displays presented on Citroën’s stands at the latest motor shows.

La Maison Citroën perfectly embodies the Brand’s “Be different, feel good” claim. In an intimate 150 m2 space that breaks with the cues of conventional automotive retail, visitors enjoy an experience blending the physical and the digital, emphatically situating the new dealership concept in the “phygital” era.

More than anyone in his time, André Citroën knew how to break with existing conventions in automotive retail. The venue that Citroën is readying to open on 39 rue Saint Didier in Paris is a product of that legacy. Right from the shop window, a giant screen stirs the curiosity and draws the attention of passers-by, encouraging them to enter.

Inside, the warm design scheme features natural wood and walls inscribed with colorful words. Cars may feature in the center of the space, but the decor is not that of a traditional sales outlet. The experience here is distinctive, with numerous screens, personalization accessories and window displays of lifestyle products.

The Brand is preparing for the initial opening of this new venue, expressing all of its “Be different, feel good” claim. Each visitor will be able to enjoy a unique experience, at once intimate and technological, in a very real “phygital” urban retail concept aimed at enhancing the Citroën customer experience. La Maison Citroën is organised in three phases: Attract, Display, Configure & Sale.

With its glass façade, enabling people to project themselves visually into the interior, La Maison Citroën has an original look, the appeal of which is underscored by the giant vertical screen in the window display. The Citroën spirit is expressed in the images displayed on the screen, creating an optimistic and people-centric feel. Next, the Citroën Wall is a touch table for configuring the entire range that stands out through the quality of its 3D images, bringing visitors an immersive experience with outstanding visuals. Customers can start configuring their cars on line and access their work in progress when visiting La Maison Citroën, benefiting from the advice of the sales team composed of Brand Ambassadors. These automotive retail specialists are also experts in the use of digital tools.

In addition to the two vehicles on display, the range is presented on the walls bedecked in wheel rims, steering wheels and fabric samples. Six models from the range are depicted in a highly decorative presentation. Visitors get to touch the materials and choose their colors from colour charts. Furthermore, visitors can take a break at the Café André or relax in the neighbouring waiting area to view the Citroën Origins (a virtual museum).

The layout of the venue simplifies the customer journey, particularly in the partition-free Sales Area where customers sit at a table to talk with the sales staff and finalize the details of the purchase. The configuration begun before the visit and/or continued on site is just as easily accessed here. With the Le Petit Citroën shop, customers can take home a piece of the Citroën legend from among a broad choice of miniature models and lifestyle products from the online shop. Before they leave, visitors are invited to rate their experience at Citroën via the Citroën Advisor site.

Last but not least, the 150 m2 space is supplemented by a test drive fleet in the basement and an after-sales workshop, also accessible at the same address. The whole brings customers a multi-channel experience, possibly started on line and then continued in-store, without forgetting services.

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