Own your Dream Renault with ‘Renault Subscription’

And do away with Hire Purchase!

Renault Malaysia (TC Eurocars) has announced the Renault Subscription plan for potential buyers. The Renault Subscription plan, introduced for the first time in the country,  is similar to leasing plans already available in other developed markets.

The Renauult Subscription plan  allows customers to break away from long-term loan tenures, rigid lock-ins and concerns about vehicle depreciation costs. Customers can apply for the plan  for as low as RM43 per day. Current;y, Renault Malaysia has made two models available under the Renault Subscription plan; the Captur and Koleos SUV.

There are two plans, the  Fixed plan, which offers a structured fixed rate, and the Switch option. With the fixed plan in place, you could own a Captur from as low as RM1,299 a month or a Koleos from RM2,299 a month.

The ‘Renault Subscription’ Switch plan gives greater freedom and flexibility for Renault buyers. Under Switvh, subscribers can conveniently switch between both Renault models, for as low as RM1,999 per month.

The advantages of the Renault Subscription plan is that it is not a long term or based on expensive fixed terms, for example car loans from financial institutions. Its competitive rates and flexibility give customers an option to try different Renault models, in this case either a Captur or a Koleos. More models will be added, should they become available in the near future.

With the Renault Subscription Switch plan, a customer has the freedom to switch between different Renault models for duration of customer’s choice, minus penalties or other hidden costs.

In addition, all involved costs for car ownership like road tax, insurance and maintenance services are all covered under the plan. For switch plan subscribers, the car’s wear and tear are also covered with unlimited mileage. An annual mileage cap of 20,000 km applies, for the fixed plan, On payment terms, there are additional savings with zero down payment and no interest rates commonly associated with hire purchase loans

To subscribe to either plan, there’s a required  security deposit of RM2,500 or RM3,500, which is refundable. Go to your nearest Renault showroom to find out more about owning a brand new Renault, hassle-free and without the usual car loan burden.

For a limited time only, customers who subscribe will receive a one-month free subscription for the Fixed two-year plan.

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