Perodua continues to be dominant in domestic Automotive scene

Although the previous year was a challenge in the Automotive industry, National carmakers Perodua continues to be a dominant force despite challenging economic conditions.

TIV (Total Industry Volume) has decreased across the board, but Perodua, although faced with a dip in pverall sales compared to last year, still managed to garner over 207,100 vehicles for 2016. The figure represented a 35 7% market share of the grand total of 579,600 units sold in the country (TIV). Obviously, Perodua maintains the highest market share in the industry, and in the country for that matter, for quite a number of years now. “The market has been challenging for 2016 due to a tough market where consumers were still adjusting to challenging economic condition, the prudent lending guidelines and the stiff competition by nearly all auto players.” Perodua’s Chief Aminar Rashid said.

The sales numbers were attributed to Perodua;s first and only sedan model, the Bezza, and several popular models like the Alza and MyVi. While the Bezza attained number one in its segment, the Perodua Alza also led in the compact MPV segment.  The Bezza is a whole new topic altogether, having made its debut in mid-year 2016. The model quickly made an impact in the automotive scene and sold a total of 36,000 units since it came out in July, last year.  Rather obviously, the Bezza led the compact sedan or A segment by a whopping margin.

Subsequent to achieving an estimated market share of 35.7% for 2016, Perodua is the country’s most preferred automotive brand for 1 1 consecutive years. The National carmaker predicts that 2017 will see a slight uptrend of 2 percent in the TIV, from 579,600 to 590,000 units. As for Perodua, no one is going to dethrone them from the lead just yet. They target a 34 percent market share for 2017 or 202,000 units in total sales.

Despite the tough sales environment locally, Perodua grew its export volume by 6% in 2016 to 4,700 units from 4,400 units in 2015; with over 60% of its exports are to Indonesia.

In the area of After-sales, Perodua plans to expedite on after sales programs and activities to contribute to its total revenue for the current year. Perodua recorded a service revenue of RM682 million compared with RM600 million service revenue in 2015. “We are investing more in our after sales business to further improve our earnings, in fact, 2016 saw many records being made with over 2 million vehicles visiting our service centers nationwide,” Aminar explained.

On production, Perodua produced 213,000 vehicles in 2016 compared to 229,000 vehicles in 2015. The reduction in production was due to decreased demand for vehicles in 2016.

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