Perodua Global Manufacturing churns out 250K vehicles since 2014

Perodua’s Global Manufacturing arm has produced up to a quarter million vehicles since the start of operations in August 2014. The National carmaker’s advanced manufacturing division managed to come up with 250,000 units comprising mostly of the Perodua Axia and Bezza models.

The Perodua Global Manufacturing division was founded on 26 February 2013 as Perodua’s initiative in becoming a global competitive automotive brand and as part of the marque’s transformation journey. Soon after its initial launch, the Global manufacturing plant has been certified as Energy Efficient by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry thanks to its minimal energy usage, as well as its use of more environmental friendly chemicals. The organization employs approximately 2,150 staff and has a production capacity of 200,000 units per year, based on two shift cycles.

Perodua AXIA G_2Perodua Bezza front view

Perodua’s manufacturing division reported that of the 250,000 units produced, 85% was the Axia (since August 2014) and 15% was the Bezza (from June 2016). “This is a historical accomplishment for the entire group; the PGMSB team has work hard to ensure that our customers’ orders are met in an acceptable timeframe,” Perodua President and CEO Aminar Rashid Salleh said. “We thank the public for their support and we will continue to further improve our operations to ensure that our customers get the best from our products and services.”

Perodua sold 167,000 vehicles for the first 10 months of 2016, of which the Axia was the best seller with 44.2% sold this year followed by the Myvi at 24.9%, Alza 17.3% and the Bezza at 13.6% (since July 2016). On the brand’s latest model, the Bezza, Perodua has delivered over 22,000 vehicles since it was launched in July this year and the average waiting period for the Bezza is less than 2 weeks after the financial institution approves the hire purchase loan.

The company has also affirmed that it is currently maximising delivery of all its vehicles as part of the National carmaker’s pledge to ensure speedy delivery to its customers. “We have also introduced several sales campaigns to further delight the public. Interested buyers and customers looking for affordable cars are requested to visit the nearest Perodua showroom and consult with any of the authorized sales advisors for assistance and further information,” Rashid concluded.

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